As Only You Can See

by, Cassandra

If one warning would suffice;
a glimpse of whats to come,
would you take it in a heartbeat
or wait to face the coming storm?

If I told you all I know;
would you take me at my word?
If I told you all I think;
would you stick around to hear?

If nothing beget nothing
would you still try as hard?
If something beget something
would you wait around to see?

If you could, would you fly?
If you couldn't, would you die?
Could you sing out forever
with all the words in your soul?

Don't take me at my word.
Try and see for yourself.
Don't take me at my word.
Fly and soar for yourself.

Touch the sky one day.
Don't ever doubt the reason why.
Try and try, don't stay down.
Fly and see the world as only you can see.