Dead Man's Chest

thump, thump, thump, thump....

Beat slowly a constant drum and

bang, bang, bang, bang....

The cacophany of melancholy

Cries for craven tears

My ears scream yellow and

I blindly search for silence in

A constant pounding dream

I climb veins and drink through straws

A precious plasma fix

A vibrate warm and yellow agaisnt

These vituperating walls

I eat and drink and suffer through

His constant weary sighs

I climb his monkey bars and bellow

"You mean nothing to me!"

The pounding petrifies putrescent and placid gags

While I mummify his empty case in fingers rings and bones

And I'm shocked at my own talent when I see

How silent he has become

But still the pounding persists

Wearing on me like a repeating dream

I smash walls and cut trees

I block rivers and snap vines and still cannot find peace

Weak and overwhelmed with frustration

The pounding is working on my last nerve

This stymie coagulated and decayed

I pick the scabs to no avail

No source to my evaporation

I wreak havoc on the pits that I created

A hole behind every scar

Desperate and maddening

I pound the walls to beg release

Of their ceasless toil

Their constant barrage of mindless drumming

I scream and scream at thrashing walls

The tremor growing until I'm listening to blood

I struggle to cover my throbbing ears but

The pounding perforates

And penetrates deep into my rotted skull

This is life behind his cage

With hate flowing through veins

I kissed dust and found it hot

Too hot for my survival

Powerless behind the drumming, thrumming noise

Weak and defeated, I lay on throbbing floors

Pound, pound, pounding into madness

His heart is a destroyer and

This is life

Inside the Dead Man's Chest