Chapter Three

Perfect Family

"Pumpkin!" my mother chimed as she walked gracefully through the door. "You have a competition tomorrow in Boston! Are you packed?"

"Yes mother." I called back.

Conneticut wasn't such a long way from my seaside home in Maine, but to my mother a drive of any kind required at least three outfits per day and at least two bags of her favorite makeups, just in case she had a change of mind.

"Oh yes, and darling, your sister will be there. You should wear that turquoise dress that I bought you. I want you to set a good example for her."

To say the least I was exited. I hadn't seen my sister since Christmas, and no matter how much my mother tended to hate it, my sister and I got along very well. Though she was very strong willed and slightly wild, I looked up to my sister. She was a free spirit, and wasn't shaken by anyone's opinion of her. She was always smiling and happy, and she had courage to spare.

Dispite my exitement, I kept my voice nonchalant, knowing very well, that my mother was not at all happy with my relationship with my sister. "Yes, mother. Where is it?"

"Oh don't worry pumpkin, I'll get it for you. You run along now. Didn't you have something planned with Katrina, this afternoon?"

I swore sometimes that the woman knew my schedule better than I did. In fact, I did have plans to meet Kattie at the mall to go shopping in fifteen minutes. It wouldn't hurt me to get there early.

"Yes mother, I'll see you this evening."

"Ta', dear!" she called after my retreating figure. I rolled my eyes. I loved my mother, but sometimes I thought that she seemed very fake, and a little too...Well...Perfect to be real.

Kattie and I had a great time at the mall, but I couldn't help but thinking of her dream of Julliard. I knew I needed to talk to her about my fear, but I couldn't bring myself to say anything. Because of this, my good time was dampered. We went dress shopping for the competition to Boston. She was going as well, and we had always made a habit of acompanying each other to dress shop before a copetition. I ended up picking out a pretty little pastel blue dress. The color matched my eyes perfectly, and I loved the little white ribbon that cascaded down the front of it. Kattie of course, being the more flourecent one of the two of us bought a short red dress, sporting black trim along the edges and under her little bust.

These weren't for the competition itself. We already had the dresses we were going to wear for that. These were simpler, for the reception. Good style and manners required that the dress you wore to the competition should not be worn unless seated at the piano, or awaiting your turn to play.

I emerged from the dressing room in the little dress and Kattie clapped her hands. "Nice. But, Jasmine, why don't you ever show off them purty lil' legs of yours?" I knew she was joking from the smile on her face. She knew good and well that my legs where just as pale as the rest of my body, and excessively scrawney, and I was not about to show them to ANYBODY.

I laughed along with her and she tried on hers. It was a perfect fit. Her tanned and perfectly shaped legs showed from about mid-thigh down, and the dress gave her petite, but perfect curves more emphasis than her normal baggy T-shirts. She twirled around and I whistled. "Hot Kattie, hot."

"I know, isn't it though." She struck a pose and we both giggled. It was just like always. We laughed, we had fun...And then we went home.

I dropped Kattie off at her house and her little brother waved to me from where he was playing on the front lawn. He looked just like Kattie with his short brown hair and deep green eyes. He was burlier, though, built more like their father, who was an automachanic downtown.

Her house was definently more petite than my own. She lived in a humble neighborhood with mostly young families and older couples.

"It's quiet here." She always said. "It gives you space to think."

Kattie was always thinking, her creativity bubbling from every pore. You'd think she'd explode from all the thoughts that were always swirling in her brain. Her mother was the same way, though. A local artist, she was small, like Kattie. A beautiful woman, always dressed in flowing bohemian styled clothing with a bandana pulling back her hair. Her paintings were usually abstracts in bold colors. They were beautiful, and many of her paintings adorned my bedroom walls. They reminded me of Kattie and made me feel more spontainious than I actually was.

We started tward Boston the next day with my parents chatting the whole way. Well, more like my mother chatting (also known as talking non-stop) and my father listening, giving a head nod or a 'uh huh' every once in a while to show that he was at least pretending to listen. I just sat in the back seat, immursed in my physiology homework, acting as if bodies of organisms where the most interesting thing that there could possibly be in this world. I supposed Kattie and her parents where also in the car debating one of their normally deep subjects. Such as their latest one. "Gays and the Bible."

Now, I wasn't a terribly religious person but I did know that in the bible it says that gays will rot in hell. I mean, I didn't really belive this, to me I didn't really care as long as I didn't have to see two girls making out in the hallways of my school. Kattie, however, was much more opinionated about this subject.

"Gays can be good god fearing people too! Just wait untill you see one in heaven."

Her father had the opposite veiw. It always amazed me how her and her parents always talked everything out. With my parents I just got straight A's and received firsts in my compotitions and they didn't care. We didn't have conversations...EVER. As long as I played the part of perfect child and they played the part of perfect parents we got along fine. It was when I forgot to play my part that I was grounded or punished in any way. (Usually this didn't matter because of my lack of any kind of social life outside of Kattie.) So we were the perfect family...Except for one little detail...My sister.

Authors Note: I know I apologize a-lot for being slow. And again I'M SO SORRY! Between speech and homework and mock trial and choir and trying to find time for a social life and...(so on and so forth) I have absolutely NO time on my hands. So...yeah this chapter was a little hasty on my part because I found time and just...Well...Wrote. OK I know the spelling sucks but I'm really working on improving my spelling and grammer skills. It's sad that I'm an English buff and can't spell...well...anything so thanks for bearing with me. The next chapter will be called Not Quite Perfect so please stay patient for that one. Schools getting out soon, but I don't know if that will make it any better because of summer college courses in between highschool years and training my horses so just stay patient please and THANK YOU!