Calling you up on the telephone

was like running away from home:

let's fall into eachother, be the last,

Oh, baby, let's go way too fast.

And you say you love me,

and I say no way,

and you say lets go down

dirty, and you say

your kisses are a blessing

but I know your words are cursed

and love is the testing

that you could be my first.

Melting into you was my biggest mistake,

screaming out, this is more than I can take:

and you want to be my fire,

make this more than desire.

And you say I'm hard,

but I know I'm tough,

you said to fall apart,

but stop, this is enough.

Your hands are warm

but my heart is ice

and you are so torn

between me and the dice.

Steamed up windows of broken secrets,

this is the day we will grasp and snatch:

sex, hair, and sweat, oh,

yeah, that's all you get.

Your kisses are a blessing

but I know these words are cursed,

so kill me now,

before this gets worse.

Oh, yeah, and you say you love me,

that's all you get.