As I walked up the silent street I pondered the old ladies words,

"A journey shall befall you. Be careful of who you put your trust in, and most importantly your love."

She had whispered the last part. I laughed, who was I to be wondering if this was true, after all she was just an old Chinese, superstitious lady! I walked into my house which I shared with my older brother and younger sister.

"Hi I'm home and I brought Chinese!" My brother came pounding down the creaking stairs carrying my screaming and crying little sister. He rushed up to me, gave me a big bear hug, and grabbed one of the cardboard boxes, peering into it.

"Thanks, Chloe; my favorite, Chinese!"

Putting down the now silently crying Meghan he ran to the kitchen and started getting out plates. I picked up Meghan, and bounced her on my hip while asking, "Hey Mark would it be ok if Marley came over for dinner, I got extras just in case, please!?"

"Yeah, sure Chlo."

I grabbed my cell phone and dialed Marley's number. Although my parents had died, they hadn't left with all of the money. We were pretty well off. (Mark's job at the grocery store didn't hurt either.) Marley picked up and said she'd be right there. I helped Mark set the table and put Meghan in her chair. We were just sitting down for dinner when Marley burst in and said, "Chinese? My fave!" and promptly sat down.

I grinned and shrugged at Mark. He raised an eyebrow but didn't say anything.

"Hey Mark stop making your eyebrows wiggle like worms, I'm trying to eat!" I laughed; Marley was always had a comment about everything.

Mark shrugged and gobbled up his food.

"Hey, Chlo, would yah mind baby sitting Meg? I have a date with Tina."

He rushed out the door without an answer.

"Sure!" I yelled, "Thanks for waiting for my answer!"

I heard the car start up and zoom on by. I sighed, my brother Mark was always doing that, asking for something and never waiting for an answer.

"Hey you still have me ya know! Don't be such a grump, I mean with a friend like me who could be sad?"

With her mouth stuffed, Marley looked pretty comical, and I had to stifle a laugh. Meghan giggled and threw some applesauce on the floor with her spoon. I sighed and wearily went to the kitchen to get a wash cloth. Opening up the white, blue rimmed cupboard I grabbed a pink cloth, got it wet and soapy, and preceded to the dining room.

"So what do you wanna do?" I asked Marley who was looking in the cupboards for junk food, (most likely).

"Hey, do you have any good food in your house like potato chips, twinkies, chocolate….. Chloe?"

I said, devastated, "Mark took out all of the 'good food', he doesn't want us to get unhealthy. I could run to the corner store and get something if you want."

"Sure how 'bout a box of twinkies, doughnuts, brownies, and some smoothies?" asked Marley, ticking off the list on her fingers.

"Sounds great!"

I hurried outside and got on my bike. Gosh, it was getting dark faster. The street lights were already on and it was only 6:30. I rode a little faster when a sudden thought came to me, just the perfect night for kidnappers. I chuckled nervously, that wouldn't happen to me, this was a really safe neighborhood. No criminals were on the loose; at least it didn't say anything in the news. I saw the lights of the store ahead of me.

Oh, yeah, that's the store all right, I thought to myself sarcastically, that is, if store lights moved.

I screeched by bike to a halt and slowly walked toward the moving orbs.

"Halt!!" said a commanding voice.

I stopped frozen in my tracks.

"Who goes there?" asked a voice.

I peered into the darkness as my eyes finally adjusted and was hard pressed not to laugh as the people in front of me were wearing armor. The real thing too, it looked like, not some flimsy costume from Halloween.

I asked, "Is this medieval times then?" and laughed at my joke.

Who were these people? And why were they dressed like that? I had a ton of questions whirling around in my head and I wanted them answered. They didn't sound like your everyday pranksters.

"Who goes there?" asked the voice again, not laughing.

"Chloe Hanuka, sir." I stuttered.

"Hey we found her!!!!" said a voice excitedly.

I had finally decided this was a practical joke. Marley had sent me to the store and Mark had gotten his friends and waited for me right here. Just as I thought this two very strong people rushed forward, bowed, and then picked me up like I was a sack of potatoes. I screamed and yelled,

"Let me go or I'll call the police, I have my cell phone in my pocket."

I reached for the pocket my cell phone was in and realized I wasn't wearing jeans any more; I was wearing what looked like a dress, straight out of medieval times. I looked, speechless. How could a dress suddenly appear on my body without my realizing it? My abductors watched me, they're faces portraying questions.

"What's a cell phone ma'am?" one of them asked. I didn't answer, instead, I fainted.