It was a forest and a jungle. I am not even kidding. They (Prince Ezek, Jabir, and….well, not so much as said for Fabrizio, more like whispered in an angry voice) said that Wizard Desdemon had created the forest (they just called it a forest, was easier, I guess) to keep unwanted visitors out of his way. Which, apparently worked, since anyone who went in, was never seen again. Oh goody, just great, makes my day to know I'm going to enter a 'forest' that I may never leave.

"But that's not going to stop us," declared Prince Ezek bravely.

Yeah, whatever. I sighed, and, yet again, wished for home. Home, home, and home. Seemed all I wanted to do now was get home. It used to be that I was always wishing to be somewhere, anywhere, but home. Have a life of adventure. I can be so dumb sometimes.

The storm hit us around 5P.M. If they even have time here. I should probably ask. Or not. They might think I'm crazy if they don't have time here. Ah, well, let them. Serves that princess right if they look at her weird when I save her. If I save her. Too many thoughts.

Anyways, it wasn't much fun looking for a camping spot while it rained. While you were walking with a bunch of grumps and a pig of a prince. All he could keep doing was blaming us, mostly me. This is how it went.

"Princess Chlorette, if you had just been a little faster while riding that horse of yours we might have been under shelter by the time it started raining. But, no, of course not, we must all go to your pace in this quest. It doesn't matter if we're on a time limit," (so they do have time here?), "Princess Chlorette must have her way."

For the most part, I managed to ignore his snide comments, and Jabir (who'd been quiet for the most part) tried to stand up for me, but I just shook my head. If he needed to steam, let him steam. Not like he actually hurt my feelings. Well, not much anyways.

So, we're here now; under a shelter, but still soaking wet and all of us extremely grumpy. Prince Charming says the storm should blow over soon, and we might be able to actually eat some dinner, but I'm not so sure. Doesn't look like it will blow over soon.

I've been thinking, if I die here, will I just get transported back into the future (alive)? I'm not so sure I'd like to take my chances, it's just a thought.

While I settled down to go to sleep, Jabir and Prince Charming (my nickname seems to fit him perfectly…) talked some more about the quest. Tuning them out, I tried to get some warmth from the blankets I had cocooned myself in. I sighed, thinking I'd never be able to get to sleep tonight. My eyes closed, and the next thing I knew, someone was shaking me awake.

I grumpily rolled over in my still damp clothing, trying to shake off the hand that had woken me up.

"Go away!" I muttered into the blankets. Did I mention that I am not a morning person? Well, I'm not.

"Princess, you must wake up, it's time to get moving, we have no time to spare..." I recognized the voice of Jabir and reluctantly opened my eyes, letting in the….dark?

It wasn't even light out yet! I sighed and slowly sat up, stretching out my muscles. Ouch! Dang, I hurt from that horse ride; I was so not going to be a happy camper today.

I gradually stood up, trying to shake off the sleep that was still clinging to the edges of my mind.

Looking around, I saw they had already packed most of our things away into the packs, only some pots and pans were left out, nummy aromas coming wafted from them. I blearily walked over to get some food from Fabrizio (who seemed to be the designated cook this morning, Prince Ezek had said that we were going to be trading cooking shifts on the quest). With one of his usual glares, he handed me a plate of food. I gave him a little smile in return, too tired to do anything else.