AN: Part Two of the Window Segment. Enjoy!


Pt. 2

It had started out like any other normal day for Allan. He had woken up five minutes before his alarm went off, as usual, relishing in the slow ascent from sleep into consciousness. His indulgence ended when the alarm went off, screeching loud enough to wake the dead. He quickly slammed a hand down onto the 'sleep' button before slipping out of bed and heading to the bathroom.

He re-emerged twenty-minutes later, showered and dressed for the day in form fitting, but not skin-tight jeans and a plain black t-shirt that hung loosely around his petite frame. Downstairs he could hear his mother, and earlier riser than himself, clattering away in the kitchen behind their shop, no doubt making him something to eat before he began the fifteen minute trek to school. Allan smiled to himself and darted down the stairs, barely managing to skid to a stop as he hit the linoleum.

"Hey, Allan hun," Mrs. Whitewalker greeted, smiling at her son over her shoulder. She quickly turned back to check the toast and egg cooking in the skillet. "Breakfast is almost ready, so why don't you pour yourself some juice and sit down?"

"Thanks, mum, but I gotta be at school early today to go over some stuff with the student council."

"Oh, well then why don't I make you a cup of coffee the way you like it and you can eat on the way?"

"Sure." Allan grinned and hugged his mom as she placed the toast and egg onto a napkin and handed it to him. His coffee followed within minutes. He took a sip, relishing in the perfect mix of coffee and milk with just a hint of chocolate. "Thanks a lot, mum." He said, bending to place a quick kiss on the petite woman's cheek.

She smiled back at him before whipping off to finish the rest of the morning baking. "No problem, honey. Now you better hurry if you want to get to school early. And don't forget your coat, either!" she called as an afterthought, glancing up as the bell on the shop jingled merrily. Her son had already left.

Allan made it to school with plenty of time to spare and quickly went to the student council meeting. It was dull, as always, but he suffered through it and managed to find out what time some events were that his classmates had been asking about. When the meeting let out the boy rushed to his first class, his heart almost leaping into his throat as he opened the door and his eyes automatically landed on Julian.

Julian, the boy whom Allan could never fully get off of his mind. The enigmatic character that had arrived in their school at the beginning of the year and was still as much of a loner as he was back then.

He was in his usual spot, sitting in the back of the class with his head resting on his hand, gray eyes directed out the window yet not really focused on anything. His olive hued skin and dark hair were accented by the light blue button up shirt he was wearing over a white t-shirt. The sun, which had just now begun to poke it's head up over the mountains, highlighted the boy's sharp features with a pale, fiery glow that had Allan catching his breath.

The boy quickly turned away, fighting down the blush that threatened to stain his pale cheeks as he walked to his seat.



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