challenge me

how could you let me bleed like this while
pretending that i was perfectly fine? (or better
yet, how could i let you affect me like this?) if
you want(ed) nothing of me then i'll let you end
this, one-on-one. and just tell me that you never
cared at all (because i know that it deserves to
be the biggest lie in all of your/my/our history).

everything in this town reminds me of you. it
makes me want to move (all over) again. but
then i remember that i'm trying to live for myself
-- not for you anymore. this just happens to be the
hardest challenge yet because for over a year,
you consumed me, causing me to bleed, forcing
me to vomit, and starting the tears (every direction,
thought, move, emotion pointed to you). i know
that you got the best of me (because i was/am
weak) which brought out the worst in me (where
the deepest scars tint my already tainted flesh).

i want nothing more than to forget everything: to
make the scars disappear because you are the
(second) only thing that can bring me to my knees.

(but don't worry, i know that i'm pathetic.)