William Lived Empire
By Beautifully Strange

Disclaimer: All of this is fiction, made up by me, for entertainment.

A Note for Anyone Who's Read "Second": This is the actual, original story of William. The role he plays in Second is just one I threw him into despite his reality, so don't get confused, just forget everything you know about William, Delu, Laura and others and start anew. Thank you.

Chapter One: Business Unusual

"William Lived Empire... is that his real name? Born June 6th, 1990, father full-fledged vampire, mother unknown species, why have you sent me this?" A tall woman rolled her eyes, sitting at her wooden desk, papers askew before her. The woman on the other side of the desk stood stalk-straight, seeming a little nervous.

"His mother." She practically squeaked. The seated woman looked over her reading spectacles, waiting for more information. "We-we recently realized she is a succubus, and if you'll recall the last time we had an incident with succubae—"

"HELL!" The woman slapped the paper she had been holding up down, her long, manicured nails' paint chipping. She scrunched up her face and gritted her teeth. "William Lived Empire! Of course his mother's a damn suck, why didn't we catch this earlier?! The boy must be sixteen by now!"

"Well, his mother's been off record for several years, we're still investigating how she disappeared for so long without notice. It was assumed she was human, I mean the succubae don't normally breed out of species anyways..." The other woman began to explain, fretting and messing with her hands.

"His father... a vamp, eh? That means they've been under surveillance... any other children?" The woman stood up, walking around her desk and passing the other.

"N-no, he appears to be their only fertile child. Although her medical records show a few miscarriages."

"Of course she miscarried; sucks don't normally breed outside their species for a reason." The woman opened the office door, seeming to ignore the physical presence of the other. "We're not built for honest reproduction."

The office door clunked shut behind her, leaving the other woman alone in the office.

She shook all over before scurrying to get out of the office as well.

"I was led to believe all these year succubae had sex with sleeping men." A man in a full tuxedo looked over the files the woman had slammed before him.

"It appears we have a stray." She snapped. She was wearing a red dress without proper sleeves, but her arms were covered by white gloves with red crosses over the backs of the hands. Her black hair was done up in a bun and she wore red make up around her black eyes, as well as red lipstick. "I don't know her motives; it seems she's been off-file for a number of years."

"Yes, this is interesting... but has the boy or his parents done anything to threaten anyone? Because if not, I see no reason to go any deeper into this investigation than we already have." The man leaned back in his leather chair, looking up at the woman in red.

"Ah—but sir, recall the last incident with a half-breed of this degree and surely you'll change your mind!" The woman gaped a bit, looking almost panicked.

"Yes, yes, and what a tragic incident that was. But I think you, for one; take it a bit too personally, what with you being so involved and all. This is a male offspring of a succubae anyways, the rules are quite different, the vampire genes are probably dominant. To suddenly attack a boy and his family—no matter what species they may be, is cruel." The man explained. "But also... I understand your fear regarding this boy. He's just turned sixteen, and on 6-6-06 as well. Merridew."

"Yes sir!" The woman who had been in the other woman's office scampered up to the man.

"Go with Farica to the residence of this boy, and be sure she stays in line, as does he." He demanded; the woman's face dropping.

"Do I have to sir?" She said, getting him to laugh.

"Of course. Get going."


"Wake up William! It's time for you to get ready for work!" A woman sang into the teen's ear. He grumbled, rolling over. "Oh come now William, you must get up..."

"Okay, okay, I'm getting up..." He sat up in bed, his black hair frazzled. While some of his hair hung in his face, the rest was practically buzzed. His skin was luminescent it was so pale, and his eyes were day-glow green. Presently he was dolled down in merely his boxers of pajamas. He stood from his bed, walking past the woman to the bathroom beyond her. She busied herself with fixing his bed, straightening the blankets. She had long black hair and wore a denim tank-topped dress that went to her knees, which had a bowtie in back that showed her trim middle. She was barefoot, so didn't seem to mind crawling over the bed to make sure it was properly made. Once the bed was in order she walked from the bedroom, down the nearby staircase and into the rather quaint kitchen. As soon as her bare feet stepped on the tile that separated the kitchen from the other rooms of carpeting, the oven began to beep.

She walked over to it, turning the beeping timer off and opening the oven. She pulled out two round cake pans, then took off her oven mitts to catch the toast as it popped from the toaster. There was already jam with a spreading knife on the counter, which she quickly used to jam the toast before putting it on a plate as the boy made it down the stairs and into the kitchen.

"Where's dad...?" He asked, looking around the kitchen as she handed him the plate.

"He's at work already William." She said simply.

"Oh. What jam is this?" He looked at the toast on the plate in his hand.

"It's boysenberry." She smiled.

"Oh. Thanks." He nodded, she giggling. He now wore fitted jeans and a t-shirt that clung to his skin with a skull on it. They looked to almost be the same age, although she did seem to have a few years on him, despite their roles seeming to be mother and son.

"Do you want a ride to work, or will you be driving yourself?" She asked, turning to the counter opposite the oven where a leather purse was sitting.

"I'll drive myself... need to keep up on that skill thing." He said, beginning to eat the toast.

"Alright. Do you have money for lunch?" She inquired, he pausing mid-chew to think.

"Yeah." He nodded. "I'm okay for today mom, don't worry so much."

"I have every right to worry William—I am your mother." She put the purse over her shoulder and looked back at the cake pans. William finished his toast then put the plate in the open dishwasher at the other end of the kitchen.

"Alright, I'm off to work. Have fun at home mom, say hi to Roxana for me, I'll be home around 4:30." He kissed her cheek, then walked from the door at the bottom of the staircase.

"Have a good day at work William!" She chimed. He replied with a wave before the door closed. She smiled for minute before the pink bow on her back popped and turned into bat-like pink wings. She blinked, the wings flapping a bit. "Oops!" She clapped her hands, the wings turning back into a bow. She carried the purse down the hallway between the staircase and the kitchen to a bedroom, where she put it on a hanger in the closet before heading back to the kitchen.

"Wow, what a homemaker!" Merridew said in awe as William walked to his dark grey van and paused, looking up into the tree where the two women were perched. He raised a dark eyebrow, then shrugged. Merridew covered her own mouth, whimpering a bit.

"Women..." William muttered, hopping into the van and starting it up.

"Do you think he saw us?" Merridew asked, Farica rolling her eyes.

"You think he could miss us?" She huffed. Merridew was quite a bit shorter than her, with brown short hair and blue eyes. She wore a black women's suit and seemed fairly jumpy.

"What should we do then?" Merridew asked, Farica shrugging.

"It doesn't really matter, I'm sure he'll forget about us before he gets home." Farica said nonchalantly, then looked to the kitchen window where William's mother had once again appeared.

William watched the two women for a minute more before pulling out of the driveway and driving off.

"Stupid investigations... always women." He mumbled, pressing a few buttons on the stereo to make it play.

"You're on time, nice way to start the week." A woman said as William walked into the grocery store. There was only one counter but two cash registers and the rest of the store was merchandise.

"I'm always on time Laura." William pointed out, the woman shrugging. He hopped over the counter and surveyed the store, which only had four people combing through the aisles at the moment. "Lunch rush is going to suck today."

"It's Monday, what do you expect?" The woman, apparently named Laura, idly shrugged.

"This doesn't have a price-tag." A young woman walked up to the counter holding a bottle of soda.

"It's ninety-nine cents." William said simply, beating out Laura who had started to skim the large book behind the counter.

"Thank you." The lady then walked back, putting the soda in her basket.

"Why, tell me again, did you just memorize the book?" Laura asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Convenience store, people are looking for convenience." William rolled his eyes. "Look into it sometime."

"Why bother with co-workers like you? Hey my shift's over. Do you think you can hold down the fort while Ken takes twenty plus minutes to get his butt to work?" Laura asked, grabbing her backpack from the floor.

"Better than most." William said simply.

"Right. I swear, Delu's going to be here before he is..." Laura huffed, William stiffening.

"Delu works today?" He asked, his calmness slipping.

"Yeah, your guys' hours wound up syncing up, she asked for more work for whatever reason. Said she was just getting bored at home or something." Laura shrugged. "Deal with it."

"Great..." William rolled his eyes, then blinked, a man walking up to the counter. "Find everything you wanted?" William asked, smiling.

"Almost. I don't suppose you have chocolate sweetsies back there, do you?" He looked around the counter, seeming a little disappointed.

"Oh, we just got in the shipments, haven't stocked up on everything yet. Let me check the backroom, we might have some." William opened one of the three doors behind the counter, which led to a room filled with boxes. He looked them over, then pulled one out that read "BGC", opening it and pulling out a smaller green box that read "chocolate sweetsies". "How many do you want sir?" William called.

"Just one." The man replied loud enough to make sure William heard. William nodded, bringing the green box forward. "Oh thank you." The man said, spotting the box.

"No problem." William scanned the box, a code flashing on his screen and "chocsweet 1.75" flashing on the one the man could see as well. The man put a few other things on the counter, William scanning them all. "Your total is seventeen dollars and sixty-three cents." William said, the man handing him a twenty. Before punching in the twenty William continued, "out of twenty that's two dollars and thirty seven cents back for you," William punched the twenty in, the cash register opening. He gave the man his change, put the purchase in two bags and bid the man a good day.

Within the minute the phone rang to William answered it, "Harris Convenience Store, William speaking, how may I help you?"

"Hey bro! It's Ken. I'm uh, sick. I have this gnarly hangover." The man on the other end said, William raising an eyebrow.

"This is my problem how...?" William asked, the young lady walking up to the counter. "Look, I have customers, call Mrs. Harris and tell her you're sick." He hung up the phone without waiting for Ken to reply, smiling to the young lady. "Sorry about that."

"Not a problem, I know all about annoying co-workers calling." She smiled back, putting her basket on the counter. He nodded, ringing her up and bagging her groceries.

After a half hour a girl about his age walked into the store. She had stalk-straight ivory hair that fell to her shoulders and wore blue powder around her turquoise blue eyes. She was wearing black jeans and a spiked belt, as well as a white tank top and several different bracelets. Although she was only slightly tan from the summer sun, William's luminescent skin made her look far more tanned. She looked around the store, which was empty. It was ten o'clock, which meant to the employees the calm before the storm. She then looked to William, who was already looking at her, and glared daggers.

"Why isn't Ken here?" She snapped, walking over to the counter and lifting herself over it quite gracefully. It made it more obvious that she was wearing sneakers with her feet hovered in the air.

"He's hung over again, he called in sick." William said, using minimal words.

"Figures. So basically it's you and me today." She nodded to herself, then huffed.

"Why suddenly so desperate for hours?" William asked, raising an eyebrow as he looked at her sideways. She closed her eyes, folding her arms.

"No real reason, just bored." She said simply. William didn't say anything more, but noticed makeup on her arms, basic concealer. "Although if I knew I'd be working with you I would've just stayed with my old hours."

"Of course Delu." William said, almost mockingly. She snapped her eyes open, glaring at him long-ways.

"I'm in no mood to be near you William—you're a total pain, I can't believe you even work with patrons who don't want to wring your neck. I mean honestly, you're as pleasant as a rash and the flu in the same week." Delu snapped, William scrunching his nose.

"Like you're any better! I've had bird shit on my car that was more pleasant than your face." William retorted, Delu putting her hands on her hips.

"Let's not even begin to discuss your hideous face, which I'm sure many women have mistaken for that of an ass!" Delu combated.

"At least people can look at my face." William rolled his eyes.

"Yes, but it's much like staring into the sun, it hurts and you can't help but squint away!"

"No wonder you're so damn ugly—you stare at the sun so often you've got wrinkles."

"Well who cares about looks anyways, you self-centered bigot! When you call your mom does she scream at the sound of your voice?"

"No, but I'm sure your voice can crack glass considering that squeak of yours."

"I do NOT have a squeak!" Delu leaned forward, William folding his arms and leaning back.

"Boys in puberty squeak less."

"Oh and you wouldn't know—I don't doubt you've just upgraded from diapers yourself."

"Ha, where does that put you? Still in diapers I would suspect."

The bell of the door opening got them both standing up straight at the counter. A woman and her daughter in pigtails walked in, the door closing behind them.

"Welcome!" They chimed together, smiling sweetly. The woman smiled back and the little girl waved a bit, then they both turned to the back of the store, thus not seeing when the two clerks glared sideways at each other.

After a full day of insult-throwing and fake happiness William finally got off work around four.

"Leaving?" Delu asked, seeming sort of glad, probably because they were both running out of insults.

"Well, I do get off work now. But there has to be two people behind the counter at all times, so I guess I have to wait untilJohn gets here." William said, looking at the work schedules.

"You were alone when I got here." Delu raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah, and Laura was alone when I got here, but I like following the rules. If I leave you alone I could even get fired, especially since I'm not as high on the food chain as Laura." William shrugged, just as the store door opened and a short-of-breath young man, probably in his early twenties, maybe late teens, came in.

"How late am I?" He asked, looking to William.

"Not more than five minutes, don't worry." William smirked. "You get the harpy here for the rest of her hour and then I think Harris herself works."

"Got it. Sorry for the short wait there, I'll be on time tomorrow—maybe even early." He assured, hopping over the counter.

"Aye-aye." William saluted lamely, then jumped the counter himself. "See you later Delu."

"Good riddance." She snapped back unpleasantly.

"William sure doesn't get along with women." John laughed, William shrugging and leaving the store.

Once again home William looked up to the tree where the two women had been that morning, finding they were no longer there. He shrugged, closing the van door and heading to the house.

"Phew!" Merridew sighed, dropping down on the branch they had been on for most the day once again. She was followed soon by Farica, who rolled her eyes. "They seem to be living a pretty normal life, Farica."

"Appearances, as we should all know in our line of work, can be quite deceiving. We still haven't even seen the father. He's somewhere around fifteen hundred years old, so he can probably be in the sun decently, but I want to know how well he hides what he is." Farica folded her arms, leaning against the tree's trunk.

"Oh yeah... sort of weird how easily William can go into the sun, isn't it?" Merridew pointed out, Farica lowering her eyelids.

"Something here is wrong. But exactly what... is hard to tell."