Chapter Fifteen: One More Sad Song

"Alright, before we can do anything let me explain the risks and the diagnosis." Edmund looked over a few papers on his clipboard.

"Do you really have a quick cure? Is Delu going to be okay? Eh? Eh?" Lady Cheese questioned, Edmund flushing.

"W-well it's not exactly quick, let me explain..." Edmund took in a deep breath. "This is the first time I've ever used this medicine, mainly because I made it the other night. So there may be unforeseen complications. I'd like to keep you here throughout the entire procedure to make sure I don't miss any complications. Anyways, for the first three days you'll be getting four injections starting at noon and every hour after that until all four have been injected. Then for four days you'll be getting three shots, again starting at noon and every hour after until finished. After that, five days of two shots before finally six days of one shot at noon."

"I have to have roughly thirty shots for this?" Delu questioned.

"Yes, as well as any other administrations to counter complications, but I hope to avoid those." Edmund nodded. "It will be a painful couple of weeks while the disease is flushed from your system, but I don't know how this will interact with pain medication, so I'm afraid you'll have to do without. The absolute worse case scenario is of course death."

"I'd rather die anyways without the shots!" Delu gaped.

"Well, the chances of you actually dying from this are slim, whereas without you'll die for sure." Edmund pointed out.

"Fine..." Delu sighed. "I'll take my chances."

"Yay!" Lady Cheese squealed, hugging Delu. "You're gonna be okay! I'll take care of your work and everything!"

"That... really isn't assuring." Delu said, patting Lady Cheese's arm. "Anyways... How much will this cost me?"

"Cost?" Edmund blinked, then seemed to be in quite a bit of thought. "Cost... I've been living off the ten million from mom's inheritance... with the five million from dad's to fall back on... cost..."

"Have you ever charged anyone for anything?" William raised an eyebrow.

"No, not really. I work in-house and don't get a lot of patients even in the family... I just do my work... no one's even mentioned paying me for it." Edmund shrugged. "No charge, I suppose, may as well not start with that nonsense now."

"Yes, don't you worry about those things anyways, even if he were to charge you, it would be my responsibility to pay." William said elegantly.

"Oh yes! Yes! Yes!" Lady Cheese nodded. "A noble man pays the bills!"

"Pardon me, but... who are you again?" Edmund asked, Lady Cheese standing valiantly with her fist in the air.

"The offspring of my mother's affair with a cat demon, my parents never loved me and after I was born they didn't even love each other! To torment me they changed my last name to Cheese while my father became Mr. Jones and my mother Ms. Lakes and then twenty two years later—I'm twenty-two y'see—I use my legal name Lady Cheese proudly!" She declared, seeming to have some sort of auto-reel.

"I... see." Edmund blinked, then put on a pair of almost square spectacles. "Well, regarding you two..."

"Yes...?" Lady Cheese blinked, still in her valiant pose.

"As it is just now noon, we'll start the administrations today. However." Edmund stood in a striking pose. "There must be no witnesses! Both of you will leave this office and not return until the last shot has been stabbed into her veins! Now, be gone!"

"Wow..." Delu blinked as both William and Lady Cheese slinked from the office. "Why so strict?"

"Mainly because I know if they're in here your stress levels will be altered. This is very sensitive stuff, I don't want any complications I can avoid." Edmund explained, then grinned. "Time for the first one!"


"This man seemed so pure... but he's a devil! A sadist! He reads me poems about brain surgery he wrote with hearts drawn all over the paper! If he weren't a real doctor—and I saw his certification—I'd think he'd be one of those psycho serial killers who play with their victims." Delu read aloud as she wrote in a small journal. "For all I know he is! He won't let anyone else into this office of his but himself and of course me. William came for an ordinary check up and he made him do it in his study, I heard the strangest noises."

"How is the pain?" Edmund leaned into the office, opening the door. She quickly closed the journal, paling.

"I-it's alright, nothing I can't handle!" She assured. He nodded, closing the office door once more. She immediately returned to the journal. "He checks on me every fourteen minutes exactly and asks the same question! He never sleeps! I have no idea what he does in this house when no one else is around, but I bet it's creepy."

Another fourteen minutes passed and he returned.

"Time for another shot!" He sang, snapping on latex gloves.

And so it went for the remainder for her treatment. Without any complications beyond the worries of living with Edmund and his creepy doctor fetishes, she recovered. But before she could leave Edmund did a few tests to make sure the disease had cleared from her system. To her dismay, it took a few days for the results of the tests to confirm she had been cured.

"Wow, my first fully functional cure for a disease. You have no idea how wonderful this day is for me!" Edmund said, wiping his eyes of tears.

"I don't even think I want to..." Delu muttered. "So, can I go now?"

"Hm? Eh? Eh? Do you hate me that much? I just saved your life! Sure it took thirty or so shots, almost a month and a bit of pain. But still, for a bill of clean health, wasn't it worth it?" Edmund asked, Delu's eye twitching.

"It has nothing to do with that!" She snapped. "I just want to go home."

"Oh. Oh yes, I arranged for Lady Cheese and William to pick you up tomorrow." Edmund nodded. "That Lady Cheese is something else; I've been in such a happy mood since the day we met..."

"Oh great, the doctor wants the cheese." Delu rolled her eyes, then stopped, suddenly developing a plan. "Oh hey Edmund, as a thank you for you saving my life and all, how about you come out with Lady Cheese, William and I? You know, sort of like a double date?"

"Really? I haven't left the house in ages... what will I wear? What will I say?" He threw himself in a frenzy, scampering from the office.

Delu began a low, evil chuckle, which burst into full blown satanic laughing.

"If they get occupied with each other, she'll finally leave me alone!" She cackled.

"Good to see you're energetic again." Edmund commented, leaning into the office. She blinked, then shrugged. "See you in the morning!"

Delu sighed, the morning sun shining into the office where she slept. She stretched a little, then found it difficult to move. She blinked her eyes open, looking around and finding a luminescent arm around her middle. She growled, her eye doing it's signature twitch.

"As I doctor, I think it was ill-wise of me to allow William into the office without first awakening Delu." Edmund said, taking a sip of tea.

"It'll be fine." Lady Cheese assured, holding down her cat ears.

"Whatever are you doing to your ears...?" Edmund asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Well... last time she screamed sort of loud and it really hurt my ears." Lady Cheese shrugged. "So I'm being prepared."

"Very wise indeed." Edmund nodded.

"GET THE HELL OUT OF MY BED!" Delu shrieked, her voice being heard through every inch of Edmund's house.

"Very wise indeed..." Edmund repeated, seeming a bit dizzy from the noise himself.

"What are you doing?" William asked, yawning and sitting up. "I brought you new clothes. I've been keeping your apartment clean."

"Thanks..." Delu muttered. "Glad I bothered to shower last night, I didn't realize you two were coming over at dawn."

"I couldn't stand to be away from you anymore." William sighed dreamily, getting kicked in the face.

"Don't say that weird stuff." She said, unbuttoning her blouse. She tossed it aside, putting on the tank top William had brought her. It was white and said "bite me" on it with a picture of a sucker. She then tossed off her pants, replacing them with the long black skirt William had brought.

"Wow." William said, Delu raising an eyebrow. "You have no shame. Stripping right in front of me."

"I had to change clothes, so what? Stop being weird, it's annoying." Delu harrumphed.

"I don't know how you keep handling all this time apart so well and then continuing to be cold to me..." William sighed, getting Delu to blink.

"I'm not being cold, I'm being honest. Oh hey... to get Lady Cheese and Edmund off my back for awhile, I agreed we'd go on a double date with them. To show my gratitude or whatever. I was wondering if you were yippy skippy fine with that." Delu asked, sitting back on the bed. William hummed in thought.

"That depends. Double date means you and I would be on one date, and they'll be on another, right?" William questioned, putting an arm over her.

"Yes..." She said a bit apprehensively.

"So then we'd be dating, and perhaps considered boyfriend and girlfriend in a relationship?" William continued to pry, beginning to loom over her.

"That's a bit of a jump..." Delu blinked.

"Love makes me fly in bounds and leaps." William cooed, kissing her cheek.

"Augh! Get off of me already! Fine! Fine!" Delu half-whimpered. William did as she asked and backed up. "But look, I... I'm still not comfortable with you at all."

"Of course." William smirked. "I understand completely."

"You would..." Delu sighed, flicking her hair back. "Where are the other two, anyways?"

"They're in Edmund's study." William said in a very matter-of-fact tone of voice.

"Right... well, I didn't say when that double date thing was happening... let's ditch 'em." Delu grinned. "I've been craving baked goods like mad lately, and I found this really great pastry shop."

"Alright, but only on the pretense you let me buy everything." William insisted, Delu rolling her eyes.

"Whatever, let's go." She smiled, letting him take her hand.

"But first, I have to ask, do you return my love for you, with love for me?" William looked up at her from the bed as she stood. She suddenly pinked, stuttering nonsense.

"Eh-eh-eh? Why do I have to answer now?" Her eye twitched and William chuckled.

"Because I simply must know." William cooed. She went a darker shade of pink, again stuttering nonsense.

"P-perhaps I do. But to say such things is silly." Delu defended, William again chuckling.

"It's not at all silly, you're just embarrassed. For unlike me, you have not come to accept your feelings and adore them, almost as much as I adore you." William explained romantically.

"Well, fine! If it'll get you to come along for breakfast then, yes, I-I d-do..." Delu looked almost sick as she tried to speak. "Love... you... I love... you. I love you."

"There, see, it wasn't that hard!" William immediately stood and in one swooping motion had her in his arms. "I too, love you, my only girl."

"To breakfast!" Delu giggled, this time taking his hand and beginning to drag him. "As the Japanese say, ai shiteru baby!"

"What exactly does that mean...?" William raised an eyebrow, catching up with his arm.

"Well, I'd tell you, except I can only translate Japanese over pastries and coffee." Delu grinned. "So we best be off!"

"Oh my, indeed, we best be." William agreed, smirking.

They abandoned Edmund's house, walking with their backs to the morning sun. Their pale hands, William's from breeding and Delu's from poor health, still found warmth and worth, entangling the others' fingers.