Here's another short. I have decided to write one of these a week this summer, unless I'm gone for that week (like camping and stuff). Keep checking back for new ones! This one is kind of from a dream I had, but then I just decided to let it go where it would. I actually like it. It represents two of my different ideas of freedom.



I run up the quiet mountain path. The land around me is in full bloom. It is beautiful. I wish I could run forever.

The path ends on a ridge. The sloping hill behind me is beautiful but it does not prepare me for this. A long drop facing a glorious waterfall. I am enchanted.

Wind buffets me from all sides. My long hair whips around like snakes, tangling and twisting. I don't care. I raise my arms. I am free.

The sun is shining down on my upturned face. I smile and begin to sing a song of happiness and freedom. I dive headfirst off the cliff.

Right before I hit the bottom I spread my wings and soar straight up again, climbing, climbing into the sun, feathers gleaming.

I feel wings under my wings, pushing lightly up as I soar above the valley with the waterfall. I can see where I took off. The path is gone. It is covered with flowers and plants. I sigh at the beauty in front of my eyes.


Suddenly the clear sky fills with dark clouds. Lightning strikes in the distance. I hear a shot. There is a hunter.

The flowers all whither and die. I am afraid. I feel the impact of the air as another bullet passes me. The shot cracks through the air.

I barrel roll to the side, tucking wings against body. Two shots ring through the valley. I cannot see the hunter, so I do not know where it is safe to hide. Fear hovers just above my heart. I know that it will overwhelm me if I am not careful.

I fly over to the waterfall. What is it? What do they want from me? Feathers? The secret of how I can fly? Do they just wish me dead?

There is no way to tell.

I fly straight through the water. I drop several feet. A shot follows me through. It misses.

I am afraid. Freedom was lost and replaced by fear. I see a small overhang. It can support me while I hide.

I am about to touch down when another shot rings out. But this one is different. It comes from straight below. Are there more hunters? I wonder. The shot hits my wing. Pain flares through my right wing.

I scream. I lose my precarious balance on the air and begin to plummet. I try to fall on the ledge but my wings won't support me. I miss.

I am falling. Fear threatens to overwhelm my mind. Pain threatens to overwhelm my body. I refuse to let it. Not now.

The waterfall dropped me farther than I thought. I brace myself for the impact of the ground when I see it looming nearer, prepared for death. But death is not what came. Instead, more pain grips me. I cannot move for every time I try agony shoots through my body like fire. The fear overwhelms my mind. I cannot think. I can barely breathe.

Footsteps. I look around without moving my head. People approach me. They are holding guns.

They look at me with disgust on their faces. They are people I know. Some even show traces of fear. Fear of the unnatural. None of them show an ounce of pity. I begin to cry. I am afraid and in pain. For the first time, I begin to doubt myself. I begin to doubt if I should even be in existence.

One man steps up to me. It is the mayor. I know him. He shows anger and hate. But behind that hatred I see fear in who I am. I close my eyes.

"It is not natural that you are here," he says. "The town has voted. You should not be allowed to live."

I feel the point of a gun on my forehead. A loud bang. Then, a release. No pain, no fear, no doubt. No nothing.