Living and loving as I never have before.

Understanding that all I proclaimed was false and hypocritical

That just because a distraction was in tact…it didn't merge my feelings of love.

Infatuation maybe.

But as my cloned heart is broken once again…I disregard all of that pain; and save it for a rainy day.

For there is my tangible, actual heart set aside for the one who has not yet fully diminished all that I am.

Only bruised.

Keeping scars inside; keeping pain inside.

All made public was right to make public.

A short story of love, fraud, heartbreak, and hope.

All moments to make a novel etched into my memory.

Every word he's said to me is known to me.

Taking up all thoughts, occupying every opening, every opportunity

For a new beginning.

I gaze at the cover page of my autobiography.

A black and white precious memory proving that I know how amazing it is to be held in your arms.

To be your only one.

I shrug my shoulders and whisper to myself:

"Giving up was worth a try".