'Chiko…you better be safe…' Mashiro fired another shot at the Scarred Man only to miss and hit one of the men that was attacking him instead. The Scarred Man had not had any better luck than him in finding his target. There were still a small number of men left that were all focused on attacking them. It had become clear to Mashiro at this point from witnessing the Scarred Man fighting with the men as well that he was not in charge. Mashiro did not know what had happened or if these men were even part of the same syndicate, but they were trying to kill the Scarred Man. However, he knew that would not be possible for these men, they were too weak and unskilled. They were mere ants to the Scarred Man and it showed. The Scarred Man had no injuries on him in spite of fighting for more than an hour now; he did not even seem to be exhausted. It was as though they were not even a challenge for him. The same was for Mashiro, but he was diverting his focus at times.

Mashiro kicked two men down the stairs at the Scarred Man firing over their bodies at him. He promptly placed someone in the bullet's path. The Scarred Man fired around the now dead man at Mashiro before releasing his shield. They were quick to change their attention back to those that were closer and firing at them. Mashiro was forced to take cover at the stairwell firing over top of the railing. The Scarred Man had a similar thought. As they finished their clips their eyes met again seeing an opening only to realize their guns were empty. They quickly reloaded their guns only to find that they had to focus back on the more pressing enemy, both knew that they were not dying anytime soon.

Their guns rang out through the hall dropping several more men to the floor as a gap was created allowing them switch back towards each other. They fired at each other only to use a body nearby to take the bullet. Both kept the body over them firing around it trying to get a shot in, but narrowly missing. Then they were forced again to change their attention. They fired off surround more rounds dropping those nearby again. Weapons turned back on each other as they looked without pulling the trigger.

"Temporary truce?" Mashiro said looking over the sights on his gun.

"Until these are dead."


"They are only going to be in our way."

Mashiro nodded to him getting up from the stairs pulling a weapon off of one of the dead. It was another handgun, though a little larger than the one he had. He fired it finding that the accuracy was poor. 'It'll have to do.' Mashiro ran down the hall looking around for anyone firing his gun removing obstacles. The Scarred Man moved through the first floor killing anyone that moved. As he got near the end he heard another fight realizing that it was Kitsune and Shisa. He turned around leaving it to them.

Three men came out of the main entrance of the school at the Scarred Man firing wildly. They took out the plaster of the walls while the Scarred Man fired out in the open killing the three quickly. Mashiro returned back to the stairs finding several coming down from the roof. He quickly took them out with his two guns. The school felt quiet for once, the shooting had died out and the footsteps were gone. Mashiro walked back to the stairs where he found the Scarred Man waiting at the bottom for him. The two stared at each other in agreement.

Mashiro spun the gun that he picked off the dead body around holding the barrel in his palm. The Scarred Man held his gun at his side as Mashiro did with his own gun. Mashiro tossed the second gun into the air suddenly. It floated through the air over the banister of the second floor. Mashiro looked past the gun at the Scarred Man looking back. He narrowed his eyes tightening his muscles as the gun hung in the air a little longer. 'No holding back…' Mashiro's gaze was cut for a moment by the gun falling in his view. He watched the Scarred Man as he waited, both waiting.

The gun hit the floor with a loud indelicate crash signaling the two to begin. Mashiro fired once, as did the Scarred Man, before moving immediately. The two exchanged a couple rounds from the distance of the stairs before Mashiro leapt on top of the railing sliding down throwing his knife at the Scarred Man from his free hand. The Scarred Man took the chance to fire at him after he lowered his shoulder to avoid the knife. Mashiro leapt up from the railing after he threw the knife letting the bullet hit the wood railing splintering it. While in the air Mashiro threw a second knife as the Scarred Man moved. He pulled in his finger to pull back the first knife he threw drawing it at the Scarred Man as well. The Scarred Man flipped his body around rotating to avoid the two knives. Mashiro retracted the knives back as they recovered their positions on the first floor.

The Scarred Man fired on Mashiro as he came to rest forcing him back into the air. Mashiro fired from where he was in his flip to keep the Scarred Man moving. He landed on the ground throwing up a body to take a bullet from the Scarred Man. Mashiro found himself in the hallway facing the Scarred Man at the stairs knowing that their guns were empty now. They tossed them aside and charged at each other the Scarred Man kicking up a body at Mashiro. Mashiro jumped over the body as it came flying at him with the Scarred Man sliding underneath trying to catch him. Mashiro threw out two of his knives wrapping them around the body pulling on the wires. He spun the body around him once as the Scarred Man got up sending it back at him even faster.

The Scarred Man ducked out of the way of the body. Once the body was removed from their vision they had guns in their hands again firing at one another in the hallway. Neither had room to maneuver barely avoiding getting hit until they both crashed sideways through sliding doors of a classroom. As they fell to the floor both continued to fire. Even while they were sliding on the door they still fired. Bullets ripped their clothes and flesh alike leaving small cuts. As their guns smoked empty they lie on the ground crimson softly dripping down their clothes. Only injuries to limbs, nothing that was going to stop them yet.

Guns hit the tiled floor as they jumped up kicking desks at each other. Mashiro picked up a chair flinging at him as the Scarred Man sent a shelf from the back at Mashiro. Hidden in the shadow of the shelf came scissors forcing Mashiro down to the ground, but he took a pair in his already injured upper shoulder. He fell to the ground throwing out a knife from his uninjured arm under the desks. The knife sliced through the lower leg of the Scarred Man. Mashiro ripped out the scissors from his arm trailing blood with it.

Mashiro stood up dripping blood from his shoulder as he saw the Scarred Man leaping through the air at him. He quickly flipped a chair over with his leg and threw it up intercepting the Scarred Man in his kick. The Scarred Man was forced to kick the chair out of the way as Mashiro ran up on the desk to meet him with his fist. Mashiro's fist ran through the Scarred Man's stomach. However, the Scarred Man had grabbed onto the bars that ran across for the ceiling using it as leverage to bring his leg back around after kicking the chair. His leg hit Mashiro in the head sending him across the desks to the windows before his fist's full impact was made.

The Scarred Man landed on the desk below him when it suddenly shifted knocking him off balance. Mashiro kicked it again angling it so that he could throw his knives at the Scarred Man. He released three knives from his hands as the Scarred Man began to fall. The Scarred Man quickly pushed his hand against the desk he was standing on rotating him enough that the knives only dug in this arms rather than his chest. Mashiro pulled them back as the Scarred Man fell to the floor rolling under the desk.

Mashiro took a moment at the window ledge to rest holding his shoulder to see how deep the wound was. It was bleeding slowly, but had already soaked most of his sleeve. "Why'd you attack during school?" Mashiro said suddenly. "It doesn't sit right."

"Time had run out."

"Still doesn't justify getting innocents involved."

"It didn't matter anymore. But you and I are not here for idle talk."

"Right…" Mashiro stood up as he heard something under the tables. He jumped up to the desk seeing that it was only a book, but the Scarred Man fired a new gun at him. Mashiro was not able to avoid getting hit taking a bullet in his other arm and his leg. He fell backwards collapsing roughly through the chairs and desks to the ground as another bullet ripped through his side cracking a rib. Mashiro immediately kicked a desk over putting it between him and the Scarred Man. He could hear bullets cracking the wood.

Mashiro limped up biting through the pain as he saw the Scarred Man getting up pointing the gun at him. He quickly threw several of his knives at him from one hand, but the Scarred Man avoided them firing again. Mashiro allowed himself to fall over as the bullets ate through the plaster. The knives found their target in several books stacked in the corner on a shelf behind the teacher's desks. Mashiro pulled on the knives watching through a pained eye at they smacked into the Scarred Man's head surprising him. He dropped the gun and Mashiro released the wires from his hand leaping towards the Scarred Man. He brought two more knives out in his hand as he leapt at him.

The Scarred Man could not avoid Mashiro quickly enough taking the full assault with the knives stabbing into his ribs. He coughed up blood across Mashiro's face as he forced him off. The Scarred Man pulled the knives out dropping them to the floor, blood dripping down his clothes now. Mashiro charged at him again at full sprint take him into the air and through the window and painfully against the metal divide. The two rolled onto the cement playground separated, blood trailing thinly.

The Scarred Man came to a stop sooner, as Mashiro was tossed off. They both rose up on one knee looking at each other. The two charged at each other not even feeling their injuries, as blood trailed like tears off them. Mashiro landed a punch to the Scarred Man's face as a fist through the ribs made him cough blood. They barely staggered from the impacts continuing through with their next hits. Mashiro received kicks to his weakened ribs and leg, as well as his face. The Scarred Man felt the pain through his cut up arm and hits to his leg. Neither budged nor back down as they were barely trying to counter or block attacks now. They were just savagely beating at each other.

A solid kick that connected to Mashiro's legs sent him off the ground followed by spin kick in the stomach. However, Mashiro threw out knives that were still in his other hand wrapping them around the Scarred Man's wounded arm. He took him across the playground scrapping over the cement coming to a landing. Mashiro pulled himself up first once they stopped moving and started to sway a bit back and forth. He charged towards the Scarred Man bringing up his leg to kick him in the head as he was getting up. The Scarred Man blocked him with his arm pushing it away. He picked up a large gun off the corpse lying nearby swinging it down at Mashiro, who was recovering. Mashiro rolled over avoiding getting hit by the butt of the gun. As Mashiro rolled over a body he picked up a gun similar to the one the Scarred Man was wielding. He blocked the next swing from the Scarred Man and countered.

The two danced around the corpses in the playground swinging the guns around like swords. There were a few hits that broke through cracking ribs, but they continued to swing. Neither refused to stop. Mashiro thrust with gun unbalancing the Scarred Man for a moment that he tried to bring up his leg to kick him. However, the Scarred Man was quick to counter with his leg. They blocked each other with their leg while continuing to swing the guns. The danced continued until Mashiro became backed towards the school.

The Scarred Man thrust with full force against Mashiro knocking him off his feet and through the windows of the same classroom they had exited previously. Mashiro's back broke through the glass taking a few pieces that dug in with him. He rolled over the desks falling to the ground starting to open fire through the windows with the gun. The bullets quickly removed the remaining glass and ripping through the metal frames. The Scarred Man took cover out of range before he took too many bullets to his body. Only a couple had pierced his body, causing his sides to bleed further. Once the hail finished from inside the classroom the Scarred Man returned fire emptying his gun into the classroom. Desks and chairs splintered and sparked leaving nothing untouched. Mashiro took another bullet to his leg when the firing finally came to an end.

Mashiro ground his teeth through the pain as he stood watching the Scarred Man leaping through the window with the sun at his back. Mashiro used his good leg to counter him throwing him against the opposite wall. He fell back against the desk breathing heavily as the Scarred Man started to move again. "Are you still wanting to kill Chiko? After all of this?"

"That is secondary now."

"What was so important to kill him?"


"That can't be the reason the entire syndicate wants him dead."

"That is my reason. Their reason no longer matters."

"What is their reason?"

"That will go with me when that time comes."

"Loyal to the end…"

"Honor. I have my own code."

Blood dripped down Mashiro's eyebrow slowly from his recent wound. The Scarred Man's cheek and forehead were bleeding as well. Most of their clothes were stained at this point, no longer black. Mashiro wiped his brow and cleared this mouth of blood. His breathing was still heavy and the pain was beginning to return through his body. 'Time to numb the pain with more…' He stood up from his resting spot crosses stares with the Scarred Man.

Mashiro picked up a broken piece of the desk and threw it at the Scarred Man. The Scarred Man ducked and attempted to return with something when he saw the gleam of knives again coming at up. He dodged the strike letting the blades pierce the wall. The Scarred Man threw pieces off the counter to distract Mashiro. Mashiro slid under the remaining desk avoiding the debris grabbing the Scarred Man's leg from around the desk as he leapt forward. Mashiro pulled on his leg throwing him against the chairs. The Scarred Man countered with a kick to his face knocking him up with the desk. Mashiro fell over the desk into the debris of the remains as the Scarred Man charged after him.

The Scarred Man grabbed the wire of one of Mashiro's knives stuck in the wall pulling it free. He grabbed the knife while still in motion toward Mashiro thrusting in at Mashiro. Mashiro was forced to block with his arms getting cut deep by his knife, spraying blood. Before the Scarred Man got away from Mashiro he reached up and grabbed him by his shirt smashing his forehead into the Scarred Man's forehead. He rammed his head against his repeatedly until they started to bleed and nausea loosened his grip. The two stumbled backwards falling over the destroyed classroom furniture.

Mashiro could barely feel anything at the moment. His head was spinning and his face was too bloody for him to see clearly. His legs felt too weak to move anymore and his ribs were pressing against his lungs making it difficult to breath. Mashiro tried to stand, but failed falling back down. He heard noises from the opposite side of the room of the Scarred Man.

The Scarred Man eyes were blurred having trouble focusing. His heart was pounding and his chest continued to feel pressure. Blood was covering half of his face over the scar. His muscles were having trouble responding to him as he fell over to the ground trying to get up. A second attempt, he had found the strength to stand weakly looking over at Mashiro still trying to stand. He walked over to the wall slowly leaning against it as he ripped down a knife.

Mashiro watched the Scarred Man stumbling through the room giving him the determination to stand back up. Mashiro leaned at the doorway pulling the knife out of his arm. The blood dripped from its blade ready to find flesh again. The Scarred Man slowly approached Mashiro swinging at him wide, but missing. Mashiro fell backwards through the doorway into the hall trying to dodge. His heart began speeding up again harder and the pain was falling away. He walked a little more straight as the Scarred Man entered the hall. Mashiro wiped away the blood again. His hand tightened around the knife as they stood off in the hall.

"Let's end it…" Mashiro said.

The Scarred Man and Mashiro tensed their muscles getting into an attack stance. They narrowed their eyes watching the slightest movement and biting through the returning pain. Blood began to drip again interrupting their vision, but went ignored. Mashiro's blade dripped tears of blood signaling their charge. The two sprinted at each other knives in hand outstretch to strike calling upon all their remaining reserves to deliver a final blow. The two met, their blades piercing deep into their bodies.

Mashiro collapsed to the ground in a pool of blood as the Scarred Man stood a moment longer. "Chiko…" Mashiro's said, his voice barely escaping his lips. The Scarred Man fell to the floor shortly after emptying his own blood across the floor. Neither was moving anymore.

'Chiko…' The sound of Mashiro's voice entered through Chiko's unconscious mind. 'Chiko…' The sound played again and again slowly waking him. Chiko slowly opened his eyes blinking to readjust to the hall. There were bodies everywhere in his sight. However, his eyes suddenly saw a familiar shape among them. Chiko used his hands to pull himself up the wall to return to his weakened feet. He walked through the hall coming closer to what he hoped was not Mashiro. 'It can't be…no its not him. Its just my imagination.'

Chiko tripped over a body not looking sliding across the floor with Mashiro still out of reach. He saw Mashiro's body unmoving and bloody. Panic poured through his mind causing him to crawl over the next bodies to reach Mashiro. His eyes began to water up with tears as his heart sank in realization. His mind worked faster than his body paralyzing him from moving. He was just out of arms reached in disbelief at Mashiro's still body. There was so much blood poured across the floor soaking Chiko's school uniform.

"Mashiro…no…please no…" Chiko said pulling himself by his elbows up to Mashiro. He managed to get close enough to Mashiro touch his hand hoping to feel a pulse. His hand felt cold to his touch causing his eyes to widen in fear. "It can't…this is not how its supposed to be…you can't leave me alone!" Tears fell down his cheeks with his hopes fading. Chiko pulled himself up closer to Mashiro resting his head on his lap. He was too small to do much more for Mashiro. Chiko noticed the knife that was stuck in his chest where it was bleeding the most and removed it. Blood began to flow even faster now forcing him to scramble to find something to cover it up. Chiko found a clean part of a shirt from one of the bodies and ripped it up pressing it against the wound. There were so many places that he was bleeding from that Chiko did not know if he was being helpful or if it was too late. His heart was pounding, racing telling him that he was not too late while his mind was trying to think rationally.

The bundle of cloth was getting soaked through completely. Chiko began to panic outright again trying to ignore all of the signs. He did not know what to do for him anymore and he needed help. "Someone! Anyone! Is there anyone here? I need help! S-s-someone please! P-please, h-he needs help!" Chiko kept choking on the words. He wanted to look around and see if there was a teacher still around, but he was afraid to leave Mashiro alone. "Please! Help!" Chiko began to cry more through his words as despair crawled over him.

Chiko decided suddenly to try himself. He stood up trying to feel his legs again, but his body was still exhausted from the fight. His legs collapsed under him before he could even attempt to pull on Mashiro's body. Chiko shook through his tears and tried again locking his knees. He grabbed Mashiro with his tiny hands by the edge of his coat. As he began to pull his hands slipped causing him to fall over and trip. The entire hallway was filled with the dead and he did not want Mashiro to join them. Chiko scrambled over to Mashiro again pulling at his clothes trying to get him over the bodies that lay in the hall. "Come on! This isn't it for you! Y-you can't be dead…you can't be…" Chiko strained against Mashiro's heavy body as his own body protested wanting to rest. "P-please…"

Chiko pulled at Mashiro when he heard a sound down the hallway. There was a moment of fear thinking that it was another one of the hit men coming to finish them off. It was quickly melted away with hope that it was someone that could help him. His mixed emotions left him waiting to see who it was. The sounds came louder and closer. Chiko prayed that it was someone that could help. A shadowed figure appeared finally in his sight at a distance, his mind too tired to focus. The poorly lit hallway could not reveal who it was until they were almost on top of him. Light from a classroom bleed across the figure showing it to be the Doctor.

"Doc! What are you doing here? No, never mind! Mashiro needs help badly!"

"What, but I…" Chiko grabbed the Doctor by his buttoned up shirt and pulled him down to ground around all of the dead placing him in front of Mashiro. "Oh my…lets get him to the classroom." The Doctor picked up Mashiro with Chiko following behind him holding on to the Doctor's lab coat tails. "I don't know…I may be too late."

"Don't speak! Just get busy!"

"Uh, yeah. Of course…" The Doctor examined Mashiro's body quickly pulling out medical supplies to treat all of the numerous cuts and wounds he had. Chiko rested in one of the chairs watching and waiting, hoping that Mashiro would be alright. His body gave out on him again making it difficult to stay awake. Chiko passed out on the desk while the Doctor continued to work. After an hour had passed the Doctor woke Chiko with his work complete.

"I…fell asleep…" Chiko said slowly. Then he stood up quickly reacting to his initial thought. "Mashiro!?"

"He's a lucky man."

"Then he's going to live?"

"Yes, stubborn individual. With how much blood he lost he should have died."

"Sorry to inconvenience you…" Mashiro said waking up from the desk.

"Mashiro!" Chiko said relieved.

"Hey…didn't mean to make you worry like that."

"I'm just glad you're alive."

"But the school is a mess…" the Doctor said looking around.


"Let's get him out of here, I need to finish his treatment at the house." Mashiro stood up on his own with a little help from the Doctor as Chiko leaned against Mashiro walking out of the entrance of the school. The entire field was filled with bodies as though it was a battlefield in a war. They walked out of the school grounds slowly with relief that it was finally over when two figures appeared out of the shadows of a tree.

"Congratulations," Mr. Winter said stepping out of the shadow.

"You…" Mashiro said coughing as he strained against the Doctor.

"I didn't come to fight you. Just pay my respects to you for a fine job."

"And you as well little miss," Mr. Autumn said bowing politely as he stepped out of the shadows.

"Who are you?" Chiko said.

"I'm Mr. Autumn, the real Mr. Autumn," he said with a smirk.


"Congratulations on a beautiful fight. We shall meet again I imagine," Mr. Winter said fading into the shadows with Mr. Autumn. They completely disappeared from sight leaving the three confused. "Make sure that you keep the little safe!" Mr. Winter's voice said from the distance his location completely disguised.

"What was that all about?" Chiko said.

"I don't know," Mashiro said, "But I don't like it."

They returned home allowing Mashiro to be fully treated for his injuries with nanomachines. Mashiro laid in the living room where he felt more comfortable than the Doctor's lab. The Doctor treated him while telling him about what he had found about The Awaking Dragons. The revelation shocked him feeling the full impact of what they were doing and seeing the lines that connected everything together. It all made sense to him now.

Mashiro tensed his hand in anger at what they were planning. It would be completed soon too, if the Doctor was accurate about what he had found. He had to do something. "The nanomachine treatment is finished, right doc?"

"Well yeah, but you shouldn't move around too much."

"Thanks, and sorry for this."


Mashiro punched the Doctor in the stomach knocking him out instantly. He let him fall on the couch as he stood up putting his coat back on. Chiko was standing in front of him blocking his way.

"Mashiro! What you do that for?"

Mashiro quickly punched Chiko in the stomach as well hard enough that his hand hurt, but it knocked him out as well. He picked up Chiko and placed him on the couch to rest. Afterward Mashiro walked up to his room grabbing another gun and walked to the attic. The pain was gone and he could feel his body again, but for this he would not need to be at full strength. Mashiro entered the Doctor's lab where he went to the sub space portal that the Doctor had used before. He had been shown it by the Doctor earlier and worked the computer to set the target for Tokyo.

A short twenty minutes later Mashiro was driving through the streets of Tokyo in a stolen car. He came to stop at the front of The Awaking Dragon's main building, information gathered by the Doctor. There were a few guards at the entrance, but he did not care. Mashiro stepped out of the car and walked towards them slowly. The men approached him looking to stop him, but Mashiro pulled out his gun shooting them in the head quickly. The guards dropped the marble steps as Mashiro walked on.

He pushed the door open seeing several more men running at him with weapons drawn already alerted. Mashiro continued through firing his gun coldly at them dropping them individually before they could get a shot off. His gun casually reloaded as several more men came running out of a nearby room. The men were sleeping on the floor in pools of blood before their weapons were drawn. Mashiro's eyes were empty and cold walking through the hall. He kicked the door open finding two guards at the far end of the narrow hall. Both were dead before they realized what was happening.

Mashiro used one of the guards' bodies and kicked through him breaking the locked door. The attendant came rushing to the door in surprise finding a bullet between his eyes. Mashiro entered the darkened room grandiose in scale in spite of its emptiness for only holding five aging men.

"What's the meaning of this?" the center Superior said.

Mashiro walked in front of them holding his gun up at them. "I come to deliver you a message."

"What message?"

"You will cease your hunting of Chiko Toyozama and myself."

"Why would we that? You can't order us to do anything!"

"I can kill the five of you right now without even trying. Your assassin is dead at my hand and I know what you are planning." They remained quiet listening, grudgingly, to him. "I know that you have been working behind the scenes in the government, building dummy organizations. You have been using real government officials and bribes to earn your way into the system. You are making yourself part of the system without the government even realizing that they are funding a criminal organization. Section Three was simply a front filled with people like me ran by a corrupt government official. You've manage to get yourself into half of the government and with the destruction of the Section Three building, you are actually forcing legislation to be pass that creates more organizations for you. Soon you will be running the government from the shadows."

"And now you're a dead man. Knowing that you can't leave this building alive."

"I will leave, because you're going to let me."

"Why would we let you leave?"

"Because I have the man from Section Three you are looking for, the doctor in charge of the cloning facility. He's already set all of this information in a package on the net to be spread to everyone in the media from Japan to Europe and the rest world as well as the prime minister. And trust me when I say, I can leak it all before you even think about doing anything to me. You should be familiar with the man's abilities." Mashiro tossed a data storage device at the Superiors. "This can confirm everything I know."

"What do you want?"

"End the kill order of Chiko Toyozama, the Doctor and myself…"

"Out of the question-" the Superior on the far left said.

Mashiro pulled the trigger killing the one that disagreed without a thought. "There is no negotiating here. In exchange for that, I will not release what I know. I have no interest in what happens to Tokyo or Japan for that matter. The government is already corrupt as it is and I can't change that. I don't care what you do with it."

"How can we trust you?" the center Superior said.

"Honor. My only interest is having a peaceful life. You don't come after us and I won't come after you."

"…Very well…"

"Oh and, one other thing. You will be donating a large sum of money to repair the Noyai Elementary School out of the kindness of your hearts," Mashiro said smirking.


"Agreed then. And remember that if you ever go back on your word I will hunt you down and make sure each and every one of you dies in a most painful fashion before your last breath is exhaled. I will tear down everything you created and destroy you." Mashiro walked out of the Superior's room afterwards.

After that night many things changed for Chiko and Mashiro. The Awaking Dragons held to their word, so far, and had not sent assassins after them. Chiko's school received a mysterious donation from a wealthy recluse that no one had heard of or even seen. But the money was enough to get the school repaired. All of the students had to attend classes at a nearby school until the repairs are completed. It is supposed to be ready after the summer break. All of the students made it out of the school safely. There were a number of injuries, but surprisingly no one had died, except all of the men from the syndicate.

On the subject of the men, they mysterious disappeared in a single night. Though also mysterious was the strange virus that immobilized the entire police force from responding to the school incident. Some speculate that if the police had arrived the situation could have created untold causalities. No one has made a claim to the attack, but rumors on the net say that a hacker by the name of "D" was responsible. When the police did arrive there was no evidence left for them to determine what happened. Even with all of the testimony from the witnesses the case remains cold without leads.

Weeks after the incident in Osaka at the school a large attack was made on The Awaking Dragons that was linked back to a syndicate in Osaka. Since the attack The Awaking Dragons have faced numerous attacks on their Tokyo territory from new syndicates appearing and olds ones trying to lay claim. In all of the turmoil and rumors of one of the Superiors being dead The Awaking Dragons have been forced to scrap their plans. The syndicate continues to fall into decay; Tokyo has become a violent place again at night.

The Doctor remains with Chiko and Mashiro in their house in Osaka. He continues to make inventions that annoy Mashiro and dresses for Chiko. Chiko lives the peaceful life that Mashiro wanted trying to learn to live life as an eight-year girl. He is still easily frustrated brushing his hair leaving Mashiro to patch up holes in the wall. Nobu and Chiko remain in an uneasy friendship with the eyes of their peers always watching them. His classmates keep what they saw that day a secret, but still do not realize who he really is. Hakuro and Chiko still argue frequently during class and Mrs. Shimasuke is seen disciplining them often.

The sun had almost hidden itself behind the hills from the view of the playground. Chiko and Mashiro sat on the wall over looking the city below.

"Peace at last," Mashiro said.

"Yes, but living is still another story."

"We'll just take it one step at a time…"

(Author's Note: This is the end of The Inner Man series. At least it is the end that I had originally planned. Since working on this I have introduced more elements and pieces that I have been tempted to play with in a second series. However, I am planning on moving on to other projects for the time being. But if you really love this and want to see more please review me and let me know. If the demand is high enough I will pick it back up and continue the further adventures of Chiko and Mashiro.

On a side note, this is actually my first attempt at comedy. I have never done a full out comedy before, and though this is not completely a straight comedy there were a lot of comedic episodes. It was an experiment for me to see if I could write and do comedy. For my next series I will be exploring romance, which I have not written before either. So be on the look out for my next manga/anime series Flesh is for Gods. Also coming soon is a fantasy novel called The Poulus Prophecy.

Thank you to everyone that has read my story and especially to those that have reviewed and given my feedback. I hoped that you enjoyed this as much I did.)