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Chapter 1: Night's Secret

"Want to go to the club," I questioned looking over at my best friend, Rama.

"We're only 18, Laban," stated Rama lazily from his spot on the bed, "no respectable gay club would let us in within 10 feet of them."

"Rama," I stated matter-of-factly walking over to my friend," there's no such thing as a respectable gay club. Haven't you heard?! It's immoral and oh my gosh that's how AIDs are spread." Rama fell off the bed laughing and I smiled proudly.

"Well, in that case," voiced Rama, "what are we waiting for?"

"Nothing," I stated brightly getting off the bed, "you driving?"

"Hell yes," assured Rama with a grin, "how do I look?" I looked my friend over quickly. He had dark brown hair cut in a mohawk, chocolate brown eyes, a semi-tan, and was about 6'2". He wore a navy wife beater showing off his muscles, and slightly baggy blue jeans.

"You remind me of a redneck," I answered truthfully.

"Really," questioned Rama looking in the mirror.

"Yeah," I assured, "you should wear a t-shirt instead." Rama gave a quick nod of agreement before leaving the room and I looked in the mirror. I wasn't anything special. I had thick hair that fell into my eyes, I had dyed it neon green. I had blue eyes, but they weren't like everyone described them they were just plain. People said my eyes looked like a raging storm, but I never understood nor saw it. I was pale, but not sickly looking and I was a wopping 5'9" of lean muscle. Needless to say I didn't like a body builder or a super model, but I thought I looked okay. I was wearing a white shirt that I had spray painted swirls and lines of orange, green, and yellow. To top it all off I wore a pair of loose fitting blue jeans.

"You look smoking," observed Rama from behind me," lets go." I nodded seeing he had changed into a plain black t-shirt. We walked out of our small apartment and hopped into Rama's silver Subaru. We jammed the stereo until we reached the club, Night's Secret and quickly got out. This club was said to be the most popular club and could supposedly have a line going for blocks. This was Rama's and my first time here and we were curious to see what the big deal was. Lucky for us we came a little early, about five til 10 and the line wasn't that long. The doors opened at ten so we had to wait outside for a few minutes, but I thought it was worth it.

"Hey Sweet pea," voiced a deep voice and I felt arms around me," looking for some fun?"

"Not with you," I seethed, "I'm nobody's bitch." The man chuckled, but left like I wanted him to. When I saw him I was glad I turned him down he just screamed pedophile. He was horribly balding and had what looked like the beginnings of a beer belly. I sure as hell didn't want to end up with that at night. The bouncers were opening the doors though and I quickly forgot about the man too excited about the club. When Rama and I entered I understood clearly why the club was so popular. Everything had a sleek mysterious look to it. They had fog machines going which gave the strobe lights an eerie look and the music seemed to be punk/emo/ rock and some other eerie sounding songs. The bar was the only thing that seemed semi-normal. The fog didn't reach that far and the bar was light up with glowing blue lights to match the blue bar stools.

"This is sweet," observed Rama happy to have found a good club.

"No kidding," I agreed before heading to the dance floor, "you coming?"

"Nah," stated Rama smirking, "I'm going to pick off the cute ones that are getting drunk."

"You have no shame," I called before mingling into the crowded dance floor. I found a nice spot right in the middle of the dance floor and began to dance the way that would make any gay man drool. I instantly got a partner. A handsome man that looked Native American, but was dressed in a loose button up shirt and tight blue jeans. I wrapped my arms loosely around his neck and we danced for a couple songs before going our separate ways. I moved to a different part of the dance floor and began to dance again only to get a new dance partner, but this one wasn't one I wanted. It was the man I had met outside and I tried to break out of his grip, but he pulled me back to him. I growled in annoyance before quickly elbowing him in the stomach and stomping over to the bar running right into someone. He had thick blonde hair, hazel eyes, was pale and looked about 5'4".

"Watch where you're going," I hissed starting to walk away.

"No reason to be so rude," voiced the blonde frowning at me.

"Just stay out of my way," I warned looking at him angrily.

"What the heck is your problem," questioned the man.

"I'm not in the mood for your shit," I growled pushing him against the wall, "so keep pushing it and I'd sleep with one eye open." The blonde looked shocked and I quickly walked to the bar. I was annoyed and I knew I wouldn't be able to fully enjoy my night here. I spotted Rama in some guy's lap and gave up the idea of talking to him up. I sat on the bar stool now officially sulking at my bad luck.

"You want anything," questioned the bartender and I just stared. He was probably the hottest thing here. He had wavy blonde hair that went to his shoulders, sky blue eyes, and peach skin.

"You okay," questioned the bartender, Sascha said his name tag, "do you want anything?"

"You," I stated bluntly before blushing at what I just said.

"I'm at work," argued Sascha.

"When do you get off," I questioned not giving up now.

"I have a 30 minute break in an hour," reported Sascha, "meet me in the bathroom." I raised an eyebrow, but nodded all the same. I walked back onto the dance floor putting a little more swing in my hips for Sascha's benefit. I danced at the edge of the crowd hoping Sascha was watching and see just what he got himself into. The hour went by surprisingly fast and I slipped into the bathroom. Nobody else was in here and I wondered if Sascha just told me this to make a fool out of me. My thoughts were dashed away when Sascha enters the bathroom his blue eyes clouded with lust and I watch as he locks the door. I watch as he walks up to me curiously and I smiled as we began to kiss frantically. We had 30 minutes and hadn't the time to bother with foreplay. Sascha yanked my pants and boxers down and I did the same for him.

"You do me and I'll do you," instructed Sascha and I began rubbing my hand over his length. After a few seconds of this he turned me around so my stomach was pushed against the sink.

"Quick," he whispered allowing me to suck on his fingers while spreading my legs. Sascha pulled his fingers from my mouth and instantly stuck two in me before adding a third. I groaned at the pain, but gasp when I feel him remove his fingers and enter me. It hurt like hell at first, but with each thrust the pleasure started to outweigh the pain. Before long Sascha had me moaning his name as he hit my sweet spot. He came before I did and panting he quickly pulled out of me. He pulled up his boxers and pants. I frowned thinking he'd leave me still hard, but I moaned as I felt his mouth over my length. Sascha was good with his mouth and before long I came too. I got dressed quickly and Sascha unlocked the door. We walked out as coolly as we could and I immediately went to get Rama deciding it was time to go home.

Rama was right where he was before I left minus the guy and I knew he was ready to leave too.

"Let's go home Rama," I voiced and Rama nodded in agreement.

We left after that and I was happy when we reached home. Not waiting for Rama I ran to our room and quickly got ready for bed. I was just slipping into bed when Rama finally came into the room. Stripping down to his boxers he jumped into bed and turned off the lamp on the nightstand.

I fell asleep easily feeling content and went off to dream land.

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