This is a story about how I view a dragon. It's another short, and I know I said only once a week, but I got bored, so I wrote two today. And anyway, I said AT LEAST once a week. So, here it is. I may make a short sequal to this as well, since I like it so much. Well, more of a story with the same characterand ideas. Enjoy!

-Queen Avatre

Belly full, tired from a long flight, I come into my lair and lie down on my hoard. Comfortable, I close my eyes to rest. Dragons don't sleep. The closest they can come to it is a state of torpor when the air is too cold to be able to think.

I lie there for a few hours, enjoying the heat of my lair. It is nice here, and peaceful. As much as I love to fly with my friends, I also love to just lie down in my lair and rest. It is nice.

Footsteps approach. But it is not the sound of a fellow dragon. It makes a steady thump thump thump noise. It is a human. They have hunted me here before.

Anger arises in me like fire. I can feel my scales turning from their normal pink-tinged blue into pink-tinged scarlet. Who would dare to hunt me in my own home? I think furiously. Dragons have never hurt humans. We just fly over them in peace and they fire arrows at us. What have we done to them?

I step across mountains of books, for a dragon's hoard is not what most other species think. No, it is books. Piles upon piles of books, everywhere. Every kind of book imaginable. I have read every single one of them, and I love them all. The thought of a human stealing my precious hoard infuriates me. I become angrier. The room heats up. I am glad for the fire protections on my hoard, for the room was becoming as hot as a cave with a mad dragon in it.

I wait by the entrance to my lair, fuming. The footsteps grow nearer. I can tell the human is trying to be quite, but dragons have keen hearing. I snort quietly in derision. Humans would think themselves to be the most intelligent of creatures. They would believe themselves impervious. Well, this one would soon learn its mistake.

The footsteps were almost on me now. It is just around the bend. I take a breath.

Around the corner comes a tall human male with armor on. All I can see of him is his green, green eyes. He looks around at my hoard in surprise, and I can see he is hot. He doesn't see me.

Surprise is in his eyes. He probably thought that there would be treasures beyond his wildest dreams, I think. He walks further into my lair, examining the books. I step in front of the entrance silently. He reaches for a book. I chuckle evilly. He whirls.

"Sssurprised, little human?" I ask. "Sssurprised to sssee that you are not the only intelligent racsse here?" I hiss my S sounds a little. The man's green eyes widen in fear and surprise. He raises his sword and rushes me. This just makes me angrier. I scorch him.

Now I am feeling much better. Blowing the ashes away from my precious books, I lie back down to continue my interrupted rest. I am content.