Dearest friends, newest visitors, thank you all. Your reviews, feedback, and support have greatly helped and facilitated my growth as a poet over these last few years. The fictionpress community is a wonderful one and I cannot say how much your support has helped encourage me. I won't single anyone out, because each and every person means so much to me. But my close friends, I thank you for your e-mails and kind words. And my sometimes visitors and new acquaintances, I thank you for the nice surprise of seeing someone new who enjoys my work. I hope to continue writing for the rest of my life and while I may not be writing a poem a week or even a month, whenever I do write I know that I will see someone special to me leave me a kind reminder that I am a valued member of a great poetic and literary community. I hope that this short letter to you all has brightened your day as much as you have brightened my life. God bless you all.


Matthew James Current