I had a dream I was in a hall

There was a man with a gravestone on his back

I said he looked good but he just drew blanks

He left and left me dazed

But I let him pass

In silence I watched the people play their games.


I was standing on the side

Watching everyone going by

A girl came up to me and smiled sweetly

She said "come with me it's a giant drag here

I followed her up the stairs

She handed me the key

"Just open it I don't want to get bored," she said

She looked at me with stone cold eyes

"Sit with me boy, I won't bite."


We sat for hours looking at each other

Our faces were museums our bodies were still

Then she sprang up and smiled

"I've got a gift for you"

She gave me the present it was wrapped

The sign on the front gave me a fright

"Extreme Dirty Sex," my eyes lit up

I tried to ask her what it was but she had gone

I opened it up and there was a book "The Essence of Being"

And a note, "this is phase one of my campaign to save you."


And then like a shot I woke up

Wondering what had happened to me

It had seemed so real

I didn't want it to end

I pondered its meaning and then took some action

I went on the web and searched "purity of essence"

It told me that God was going to save me

Or to join a group that would change my life.


This made me angry so I analysed my dream

All it told me was that I was insecure and lonely

And I needed to pay $5 to keep reading

This made me upset so I made some coffee

But I saw my girl pass by my window

That same look in her eye

She knew I was there

She knew I had only seen her in a dream

I burst out of the door and ran after her

She never sped up but I just couldn't catch her


When I finally caught her she just stared

Happy in the work she had done on me

I asked her in desperation, wanting to know

What the second phase was and what her name might be

Then she spoke like an angel on dope

"Go to the exhibition of the soul"

"And my name is Virtue"


She left me standing, stunned out of my brain

Watching as she passed away

I didn't see her face but I knew she was smiling

So then I started to search

For the exhibition of which Virtue spoke


I searched in the galleries and halls but there was no place

Nothing resembled what I wanted

I would have looked it up on the Internet

But I didn't want to get jerked around

I wandered and searched

I had almost given up hope

But in the street it was there

A gleaming modern building

Saying "come waste your life with us"

It was the Exhibition of the Soul.

Just like she had promised


I entered quickly but soon regretted it

Hung on the walls were pictures of my heart and soul

Writhing around like a drunken animal in chains

But then I saw the people inside and wretched

Smiling and drinking and were as fake as their tan

Talking loudly to their lovers

How it was so "brave of him to bear his feelings"

They saw me and greeted me as their saviour

Like ravenous vultures they picked at my brain

They demanded the meaning of it all

I said I was trying to save myself and they just laughed

The idea was beyond them

All they knew was how to look good in a suit.


Ten minutes in and I was bored of the scene

But I had to figure out why the fuck I was there

I looked at the pictures and found nothing

Until I saw a picture of myself

Talking to a small angel about where it all went wrong

Well the angel was Virtue all pretty and light

She held up a sign saying, "follow the light"

Then she pointed to the floor and I saw the path

A string of light bulbs in the floor

Leading down to the basement.


And in the basement what did I see?

Just a box saying "stuff for me"

I looked inside there was a note

Saying "she's the one for you"

I realised I had to get to Virtue and ask her

Why she was in my dreams

Who the fuck was she anyway?

I ran out of the room once again looking

For something that was hard to find

But for once it was a girl that I could have

A girl that only half existed


I searched for thirty days but saw no sign

Like before she'd gone and not left a sign

She said she'd save me but she left me stranded

But slowly it dawned on me

That she was never really there

Just a girl in a band that I placed in a dream

And gave a name that would sound pure

This came to me and I gave up hope

I crawled out of the shit that I had dreamt up


Five years passed and I moved on

I forgot my dream and the smile that haunted me

And that's where I am today

Waiting for a girl who I dreamed up almost yesterday

Filling my days with drink instead of hope

Because Virtue was not the name but the cure

But I didn't see that and she went away

Leaving me alone and weeping for my life

Saying goodbye to Virtue