Hey! This my new story, i hope you all like it :)

The Crys Adventure
Part I
The Land of Death and Beauty

My life sucked and I didn't think things would ever turn around until I was whisked away to Crys with no way home. But thanks to Johnny; a prominent thief and runaway Princess Leona, finding a way home won't be so hard…if you don't count the Hunters that want our head!

Life sucked. My mother is dead, my dad is an abusive drunk and I'm totally friendless. Getting beaten up at school isn't fun either. I was staring up at Darren Jason, my long time tormentor, in the boy's locker room. His hair was short and brown and his eyes were green, he loves nothing more than to pin me against lockers, walls and other solid things inanimate so he could use my liver as a punching bag. Today was no different. He's a lot bigger than me, in size and weight, so I could do nothing as his fist made contact with my innards, the process only lasted a few minutes but I'd be left curled up into a ball afterwards.

"See you tomorrow, Alex." He laughed and stepped out onto the corridor. He took real pleasure in making my life hell and I always wondered: why me? Why not some other kid? My life is crap already. I slowly uncurled, willing myself not to throw up and ignore the pain.

"Pain is good." I told myself. "Pain makes you stronger…oh who am I kidding? Pain hurts…" I hauled myself to my feet and lethargically made my way over to the nearest mirror, hunched over slightly, and checked for any facial damage. None, as usual, Darren liked to make marks that you couldn't see, he learnt that a long time ago. I messed with my mop of raven black hair trying to move it from my honey-brown eyes, my slender yet slightly muscular body was bruised and battered from head to toe, and they were inflicted by either my old man or my old bully.

Sighing I straightened out my black shirt, dusted off my black pants and made my way into the corridor. The hallways were empty since the bell rang a few minutes ago, so rather than turn up late I decided not to turn up at all. I made my way to the side entrance, rubbing my sore stomach, and slowly crept outside and over the wall with the help of a tree, after dropping down the other side I headed to my usual hangout not too far from school. It was by the train tracks where my mother was raped and killed, I go there to talk to her. When I finally made it I looked around at all the trees and blue bells that were growing all around, I sat on a cushion in all the flowers near the track and pulled a pen and paper from my pocket.

"Hey mum." I said out loud and started to write down words. I love writing poetry it always keeps me at peace and helps me forget about the world. The tracks buzzed for a moment and train flew by, interrupting my thoughts for a moment, and then everything dropped into silence again. A butterfly fluttered past and landed on a blue bell while a fly buzzed around me a few times before flying away. Everything was calm and perfect. "Dad must be really missing you; he hit me really hard last night." I looked up for a second as a gentle breeze made the leaves and flowers dance. "No I haven't made any friends." I sighed and looked back down to my poem. I was ready to put it safely in my pocket when a gust of wind ripped it from my grasp. I leapt to my feet and followed it as the wind picked up; I figured there was a storm coming. I ended up out of the trees into a dusty part of the tracks; I covered my face with my arm as dust flew up and into my eyes. I turned away and gasped at the sight before me as a small dust tornado, around eight feet tall, swayed towards me. I didn't know what to do; we've never had a tornado before. I quickly stepped backwards until my back hit something hard, I felt it with my hand and found it was a wall; I was trapped, trapped like a cornered mouse that was just after some cheese and was spotted by the cat. I felt my whole body inch forward little by little as the tornado sucked me in, and when I was close enough it dragged me in even further. All I could remember was constantly spinning around and around until I blacked out.

I groaned and ran a hand through my hair, feeling all the dust run between my fingers and then I touched my face and chest. I was alive? How? I opened my eyes and looked at myself. Not a scratch. How was it possible?

"Hello." A face appeared above mine and the person dragged the O at the end. I let out a startled cry and rolled away from him, quickly sitting up to look at the stranger. Handsome looking to any woman with long dark brown hair that was tied back with a piece of white material, some his hair still hung at the front of his face, dark blue eyes and some stubble around his chin that ran up the sides of his face to his cheeks. He wore a small brown jacket with a white shirt underneath, the frills poked out of the bottom of the sleeves and out at the chest, showing some of his tanned skin and he had tight black pants on that tucked into his black boots. "Well, glad to see you're awake." His voice was smooth in a way but I could hear a playful tone to it.

"Who are you?"

"The name's Johnny." He put his right foot forward and brought his arm across his stomach as he bowed. "Johnny Pick-Pocket, I'm a thief a prominent thief actually."

"Damn right you're a thief!" I yelled and pointed to his left wrist. "That's my watch!"

He looked at his wrist with a feigned looked of surprise on his face. "Well how did that get there?" He undid the strap and handed it to me but just as I reached out to reclaim it he pulled it back. "Tell me your name first."

"Alex." I replied sternly.

"Well here you go Alex." He tossed my watch to me and I put it back on my wrist. "And I found something else that belongs to you."

"What would that be?" I looked up at him with an annoyed glare and he pulled my black wallet with 'Alex' written on it in white correction fluid from behind his back. "Where did you find that?"

"In your pocket." He shrugged as he handed it to me and strolled over to the bars behind me.

"Wait…am I in a jail cell?" I looked around at the cold white walls and barred window feeling my heart sink. My dad will beat me to death for this.

"You sure are kid. You were trespassing on forbidden grounds."

"Wait, do you mean the train tracks? But I go there all the time, it's not forbidden."

"Oh yes it is and it's punishable by hanging." He leaned his back against the bars and looked at me as he folded his arms.

"When did we bring hanging back? How long was I out?" Panic rose in my voice and I ran my hands through my hair again.

"Do you even know where you are?"

"England." I nodded once and he gave me a confused look.

"What's an England?"

My jaw dropped. "Then where am I!?"

"You're in Coreen in Kaliko." He laughed. "Did you hit your head or something?"

I pinched myself, I wasn't dreaming. "Kaliko is the continent?"

"Sure is."

"Oh my God, where am I? When am I?" I started to pace the cell and looked to Johnny. "What year is this?"

"It's 126 CY."

"CY?" I asked and my pacing came to a halt.

"Crys Years. You really did hit your head didn't you?"

"No I come from England in the year 2006. A small tornado hit and I was sucked into it…it must have brought me here, we don't get tornados that far north…"

"Right, a magic tornado whisked you away to here." Johnny laughed. "That's a good one."

"I'm being serious!"

Johnny studied me for a while, probably looking for any signs that I was joking. "You are serious."

"Yes and I have to get home somehow."

"Ok I'll help you." He gave me thumbs up and turned to face the bars, hanging his arms between them and going limp. "Oh guard! I'm so thirsty; could I have something to drink?"

"I'm not falling for that Johnny!" A deep voice boomed.

"Ok it's not for me it's for my cell mate." He signaled to me to get down on the floor so I did and groaned a little. "See? If he dies you'll have nothing to hang will you?"

"Argh! Fine." A guard handed him a small metal cup of water and Johnny gently sat me up.

"Don't worry buddy I've got water for you!" He brought the cup to my lips and whispered in my ear. "Don't drink it all, keep some on your mouth and spit it at the guard." I gave a slight nod in agreement and drank the water and then kept some in my mouth. Johnny pulled me to my feet and pretended to help me walk to the cell doors. "Now what do you say to the nice guard?"

I smiled innocently and then spat the water in the guards face, while he eyes were closed Johnny grabbed his chest plate armor and pulled him towards us, the guard hit his head in the bars and was knocked out instantly. Johnny grabbed the keys before letting him drop and unlocked the door.

"C'mon!" I urged when he knelt beside the guard. He grabbed a small pouch and jumped to his feet, running past me and grabbing a belt on the table, I quickly followed and we were out of sight before anyone noticed what had happened.