That's why they call it friendS

I was aghast when I heard you say it

But I knew inside that it was true

I remember those words like you just said them

Probably because the one that said them was you

I was talking with you that day

Do you remember it now

I was hurting so as always I went to you

And now I wonder why; how

"That's why they call it friendS" you said

When I brought up that sore subject of dad

I knew you had problems with yours

Problems I knew you'd always have

But you stopped me in mid-sentance

And said that you didn't want to hear

When I knew that I had before

Always carried your hurt; Your fears

Don't you know some things you have said

Distressed me down to the bone

And when you wouldn't hear any of mine

For the first time I felt alone

I realized you had never been there for me

As I had been there for you

And I realized that what you said

Was really, all of it, true

Just not in the way that you meant it to be

"That's why they call it friendS"

Yes that is what they call it isn't it

One anothers sorrows you both tend

But they shouldn't really call it friendS

Even if there's two, it should be said as only one

Because every friendship is truly controlled by a single

Untill that friendship is ended; done

Alone is the listener, who holds both burdens shouldered

Like a heavy pack; a cross; they get nothing returned

All of thier worries are shoveled away

To get dealt with tomorrow and then all thier troubles get burned today

And it's true you always shoveled away my hurt

If it didn't fit into your conveniance

Even though I took all of yours and carried them

You know, your pack wasn't really leniant

"Every human relation is one controlling or being controlled"

Of that I truly belive, for I have lived in that shadow for ten years

And even though you hold me close

Now I have a hard time holding you quite as near

For even though I listen and take every smack on the chin

You and I both know that you will never do the same

And even though I'll never make you I'll just keep on till it fades

Because I know that eventually your dependance of me will wane

And then once you have no need of me you will shove me to the side

Just as you have every thing else that doesn't fit you anymore

Like old clothes, or the out of date music you refuse to listen to

And I'll go too, eventually and you'll make new friends galor

I know you, people love you as they never will me

Even though you don't know this you have never really known me

You just think you have, but I really only gave youone inside glance

I opened up and you never listened, good by for now, for once, really

Of me.....This is your last chance

To make things

Right again

Because they aren't now

And you're

Sensing it too

Now I give you one last chance

The ball's in your court

You choose what to do.