The Promise of Maybe

Gimme my pill gimme my pain

Gimme something to put feeling in my nerves again

I need my silence, I need my cure

I want to be seduced by death's glamour

Gimme your lips gimme your hands

To kiss and hold and to beg you to stay

In my state of mind

And maybe we could dance the salsa

Or eat tapas in a Madrid Café

It would be so nice to live

To see the city and to survive

On something else other then tears.

All dressed up and no where to go

I'm so pretty for nothing

It seems if pretty is as pretty does

Then I'm pretty awful

So why do you call me beautiful

Why do you bother to hold my hand in a crowd

And hold me so close

I cant breathe

If you can't breathe

From the force of your affection

We are holding our breath for nothing

But the truth

Yet I see it as nothing but lies.

Gimme my pills, gimme my pain

Gimme my cheap thrills and processed heroine

Don't tell me you love me

Don't tell me you care

I'll still fuck the ground and hug the air

Because you aren't around

When I need you to wake me up

All I do is make me up

And drag you along silently

Up up up that hill

Of addiction and temporary satisfaction

Its so appealing, the promise of maybe


Just once

When I came down

I could look away and smile.