Well you ever wonder how the wives of these big time Hip hop stars live There life of fame, money and sex and still manage to live a life of being Those hidden domestic beauties. Now it's time for you to enter The secret lives of four black diva's who are married to some of the Most dominant and famous hip hop artists in the music industry. You will access the life Cinnamon Steele who is the oldest of the four and has been A hip hop wife for five years and is suffering a problem with her number One hit hip hop husband who is secretly living a life of being a heroin addict. And you will meet Taiwana Davis who is constantly hearing rumors that her Hip hop hubby is actually a promiscuous philander and is too love blinded by All the money and fame that she doesn't believe such rumors. Now on the other Hand, Diamond Robinson is the sweetest and adorable wife of one the most Aggressive And hardcore rappers in the industry and now things start to shake in her life When her man starts to put of his anger frustration toward her with physical matters. Finally you will meet the newest and youngest of the hip hop divas, is Mercedes saga The gold digger and only married her hip star who is nearly 15 years older than her. For Money and popularity. Now get ready to explore this 15 part enrichment urban series Of the secret lives of four new girlfriends who are known to be the hip hop divas of the most Powerful hip hop stars of the music business. Get ready for the Hip hop Wives.