A/N: I'm digging vampires at the moment because of one particular book I'm reading (you guys can take a guess. Hint: it was made into a movie with Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt.) But anyway… so here is a poem about a woman in love with a vampire.


To Tell the Truth, My Love

It's strange that I was enchanted
By a voice that came from the dark
And I cannot fathom the reason
For why I ached for the beat of his heart

The truth—it was indisputable
The feeling—evident and pure
The dreams—real and imaginary
The soul—yearning for a cure

And yet I waited each evening
For the shadow to wrap me tight
I searched for the limpid eyes
That stole the life of day from night

So softly he spoke, so soothing
So cold a blankness to stay
So deep the desire for exposure
So I may see him as I may

But endearment was too difficult
Too complicated for his kind
And I wept when he ignored me
And left alone my wandering mind

I understood he was different
I understood his craving for life
I understood his roaming danger
And his unwillingness to fight

So the night I met him again
I trapped myself in his gloom
The truth was there and love was bare
And he gave me the blood of the moon...