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Prologue - Too young to die

"But you knew it was my birthday!" Samantha screamed, angry tears snaking down her cheeks. Skylar gave her a pained look. She knew any attempt to reason with the newly turned eight year old was useless, but that didn't stop her from trying.

"Sammy, you told me you didn't want me here, otherwise I never would have made plans." Skye reminded in a soothing voice, but Sam refused to calm down.

"It's my birthday!" She sobbed, blue-green eyes fierce and red from crying.

Skye felt her heart twist painfully. How she wished she could stay. She would give anything to simply give into the child's demands, but she knew she could not deny the fate that had so cruelly been dealt to her.

"I'll be back after my date." Skye whispered. The words tasted bitterly of lies. She tried to hug Sam, but the girl pulled away with a furious snarl, her eyes dancing with mistrust and bitterness.

"Don't bother! You like Steve more than me. You always have! " she accused. Skye frowned and kneeled down in front of the angry child.

"Sammy, you know that's not true. I love you both very much, but you and I are sisters. Nothing can compare to the bond we have." Skye whispered with conviction.

"Don't be mad Sammy. I'll be back really soon. You know I don't like when you're angry. Please forgive me."

She didn't want things to end like this between them. Sam was having none of it though. Blinded by pain, she refused to listen to reason and instead struck out, trying to make Skylar suffer as much as she was.

"Shut up Skye! Go ahead and leave! I don't want you here anyway! Just leave and never come back!" Sam shouted before turning and running up to her room.

A door slammed shut a moment latter and the sound echoed through the house. Skye flinched a bit at the intensity of her sister's anger. The words hurt, though she knew they were only the product of a child's temper tantrum.

Skye gazed up the stairs longingly. There was so much she had to tell Sam, so much she had to make the girl understand, but she knew the girl would never be able to comprehend what Skye had to do.

"Good-bye Sammy." Skye whispered, forcing herself to turn and walk out the door for what she knew would be the last time. She hesitated, but somehow found the strength to close the door on all she knew, all she had ever loved.

Her high heels made soft, faltering clicks as she forced herself to walk down the driveway towards her black Celica. A gentle night wind tugged Skye's long tresses in a teasing manner and the scent of lilacs and roses wafted from the garden. She desperately wanted to stop and just take in the nights beauty, but Skye knew if she stopped now, she might never find the strength to start again.

She slid into the drivers seat, but didn't start the engine. There was only one person left to tell good-bye, yet it was this final goodbye that would be the most heart wrenching of all. Was she strong enough?

For a few moments, Skye just started through the moon roof at the glittering stars, enjoying their simplistic beauty. She knew she was stalling, putting off the inevitable. Finally, she picked up her cell and flipped it open. Then she dialed the all too familiar number without taking her eyes from the stars.

It rang only twice before a deep, masculine voice answered. Skye closed her eyes and let its sound wash over her, soothing her soul like a gentle caress and yet tightening misery's grip on her heart like a vice.

"Steve. " she sighed. She felt his smile over the phone.

"Skye. Your not calling to cancel on me are you?"

Skye felt a shaky smile touch her own lips, though her eyes burned with liquid despair.

"No, I just wanted to hear your voice."

Steve laughed.

"You just can't resist me can you?" he teased.

Skye brushed away the tears and noticed that her hands were trembling despite the warmth of the night. She wrapped them around her waist and realized it wasn't just her hands shaking, but her whole body.

"You know I never could," Skye replied, trying to keep her voice light. Steve sensed her distress.

"Skye, are you alright?" he asked, voice heavy with concern.

"I'm fine. I just miss you."

Steve gave a quiet chuckle, his voice dropping into an intimate caress.

"Then hurry and get here. I have a few ideas on how to cheer you up."

Skye struggled to speak past the lump in her throat. If only he knew what was going to happen..Was it even worth it? She could easily avoid the disaster...

A car passed by and its headlights momentarily illuminated the ring on her finger. Skye stared down at the small diamond and the promise it held. She saw her life the way it could be reflected back at her on the glinting surface. A husband, children, happiness. Did she truly have to give them all up? No one was forcing her to.

She gazed up at the house she had just left and all thoughts of backing out fled from her mind. She had to do this...for Sam.

"I might be late." She murmured into the phone, then, hardly a whisper,"Steve, I love you. "

"I love you too Skye. More than life itself." He whispered back.

Skye hung up, unable to hold back the sobs any longer. They shook her entire body until she was choking on air, drowning in her own despair. She buried her face in her hands, mourning for herself, for Steve, for everything that would never be. Already she missed him.

Finally, she took a deep breath to get herself back under control and shifted the car into drive, stealing herself for what was to come. The car passed down the familiar roads as if by its own accord. Skye's mind was telling her to turn back, to call Steve and cancel, but the car was an unstoppable force, pulled towards its destination as if by an invisible string.

A light turned red and she came to a stop on a bridge. Skye looked across the expanse and saw the grade school she had attended. The large brick building was just a sullen silhouette in the gloom, yet she recognized it immediately. When she was younger, she had thought of it as her prison, the monster who had devoured endless hours of her childhood. At that moment though, Skye would have given anything to be a child again, safe inside its walls. The morbid irony almost made her smile, but the girl's lips lacked the strength to complete the action.

The light turned green and Skye began to descend the on ramp. Cars raced past and she found herself jealous of the other drivers. They were all hurrying, eager to get to their next destination and on with their lives while her's was as good as over. She was a condemned prisoner taking the final walk, staring at the chopping block and knowing there was no way out.

Sky noticed the speedometer had climbed into the eighties while she had been thinking and she brought her foot slightly off the pedal. The car didn't slow. It gave a strange kind of shudder, as if it were some huge being taking a deep breath. The soft adult contemporary music on the radio was replaced by screeching static. Skye tried to turn it off, but the radio refused to be silenced.

The car began to drift towards the grassy median. She turned the wheel in every direction, though the attempt was only half hearted. She knew the car could not be stopped. It continued to slowly drift over, then all at once made a sharp turn of its own accord and raced across the median, well into the ninety's, sick laughter filtering over the radio.

Skye let go of the wheel and sat back in her seat.

"It'll never work you know. They were meant to be. It is inevitable." A sad smile touched her lips. "They are inevitable."

There was no answer but the laughter grew harsh with an underlying growl. Obviously she had hit a nerve. Good.

Skye spent the last few seconds of her life staring at Sam's school picture which was taped to the dash. The image of a semi filled her windshield, yet still she stared at Sam, never taking her eyes from her sister's smiling face. The semi's horn blared, metal screeched and twisted in every direction and glass fell like sharpened raindrops. Then there was only silence...