"I really don't know what to say!

So I'll just sit here and cry as I write this about you."

By: Shonelle

I have so many emotions going through my body

I wanna pain just to limit it to one so I'll know who I am.

But I know you won't like that, Every time I feel like I wanna

make things at ease I see your face.

You save me when I don't think anyone could

you hold my hand when it should not be!

Why am I crying, why am I allowing these tears to fill up in my eyes

and stream down my face. Why is there a lot of things I'm confused about

How do you know and love me when I don't know or love myself.

Sometimes I ask myself who your are.

I can't believe you stopped the pain, you're my healthy Novocain

Why can't I stop crying! Why do I feel so lost, I miss you so much.

Not even that far away but your not here with me! Were you should be.