A Contemporary Requisition
Would our Uncle Sam
Enlist to be crucified
For our petty sins?

One day the system will have to crucify Uncle Sam –
the poor bastard would no longer be the mascot of the IRS;
the USA, in all perplexity, will beg the purpose –
(but I assure you, they'll shun the meaning).
Aaaahhhhh… Still disillusioned by chimeras, we'll confide in our cliché rituals: A-mer-i-cans with supple capital to believe in what the Founders told;
ohh, but they would not know Jesus from our Uncie, nailed up to the cross,
they'd rejoice, and revere, in their funny little conclaves that the savior is no longer lost.

The world would gather 'round to watch the crown of thorns in awe,
an emaciated, defeated Uncle Sam with no more guns to draw;
but Western, bourgeois media would reassure us: what a divine conveyance –
(Uncle Sam will be sold out – and reborn – as a demi-god propaganda icon).
The politicians – politicking for PR photographs;
they'll play their aces for some more votes when old Sam has risen from the dead –
yet he'll notice, after all, his life was never taken for a cause;
he'll have just become the stern but concerned portrait, adorning our society's walls.

Christians drooling at the apparition, devising deference with devious schemes,
they will be the ones to justify the institution of holy theocracy;
we could be the new Jerusalem, the embodiment for the modern struggle of our time…
(I guarantee: you who is righteous, is obedient).
Oohhh, Uncle Same you were violated when you enlisted for the sacrifice –
Just to have your cognition polluted by stockholders seeking your device;
you'll make them happy, yes I know, and you're very much obliged –
as a savoir you will have authenticated America when you were crucified.