I snuggled next to Callum in the cinema and giggled as he apologised again for forgetting to buy the extra popcorn. Arma and Jamie were two rows to the left and I prefer not to narrate what they were up to. Meanwhile, Callum and I were still trying to get past the shy part of the relationship where we whisper and feel glad that the other person can't see us blushing in the dark.

The last month had been terrific. Arma and I had gotten back together as friends and my career in the newsletter was getting even better, especially since Arma had let slip that I was Agony-Alice. I hadn't understood how she'd figured it out but she'd told me that she had been one of the mailers by the name of XxMiserableGyalxX.

"I figured it after you wrote 'Always remember, guys come and go but a true friend sticks around forever.' It was so obvious because you're always saying that. I'm glad though," she'd said as she laced her arm with mine. "At least I knew what to do to get us to be friends again."

I'd smiled at that. The fact that she'd actually cared all along had been endearing and that she would attempt a poem for me was even more achingly touching. She officially got up in front of the whole class and told them that everything she'd said had just been a lie and even though it had sort of ruined her reputation, she didn't seem to mind.

The next best thing was that Jamie had come up to me on my way to school and confessed that he was in love with Arma and needed my help. So of course, I had to call Doctor-Love in me and soon we had a plan all set out to capture Arma. I didn't let on that I knew she was already in love with him. Instead, I thought it would do him good to work for it.

Finally, when I saw Callum (which happened to be in the newsletter office) I am mortified to admit that I had a soul replacement or something. Surely, someone insane had taken over my body at that precise moment. I practically threw myself at him and kissed him there and then. I needn't relate that there were lots of whistles and jostles in the students at this display of ardour but nevertheless, we just smiled at each other and blushed. Typical.

Soon, we all went to a party and everyone got together. Jamie and Arma were well into the snogging while me and Callum took things slow and had ice creams despite the freezing weather and went for long walks around the rain-soaked streets. It would have been far more romantic if there was a seaside nearby but unfortunately Leicester is way too small. Typical Twice.

Finally, there was Baby-Blue-Danny. He was studying and we kept up our friendship but my crush soon fell away. He was happy with his girlfriend and I was happy with my Will Smith look-alike who had apparently written about me for the newsletter. It was all about how brave I was and what a nice person etc. This proved to be useful after my Agony-Alice status was revealed.

Dad and Maria got married on the same day as Mum and Rob so of course I was bridesmaid. Dad still hasn't figured out why people call me Charlie. If someone comes up to me and calls me that, he says,

"Her name is Carla."

And of course, I laugh and just shake my head.

Maria is quite sweet for a stepmother. I always thought that she would turn out to be a hypocrite but she's been more like a big sister. I couldn't really handle moving completely to my Dads' house despite its' beauty. Instead, I spend some weekends and weeknights there when I feel like it. After all, it's a free country, right? And who said there aren't happy endings? It all turned out okay for me. For the moment, anyway. And life isn't perfect but it's still worth working for. Crushes will come and go and we have to keep looking for Mr or Miss Right and of course, we should never let our love get in the way of friendship. If friends will be stolen from us because of that love, then I think it's just better to sacrifice it. Because in the end, it will all be worth it. And this is all from a very 'neutral' person, as Sir Telsmith put it.



aka Charlie