They're Lost

Why do so many females seem to completely lose their personalities in their teenage years? Why do so many choose to fit in the societal molds made for females? They try so hard to be what they're expected to be, what others want them to be. Why is it that so many seem so desperate to fit in?

It doesn't seem to me that guys spend most of their time thinking of how others view them. Males do spend some time worrying, if they have sports to stay in shape for, or if they want to get a girlfriend or boyfriend. But it seems as if the males who are most likely considered clinically obese are the first ones to openly criticize girls for not being thin enough or for not dressing right. It doesn't seem to me that guys have to spend nearly as much time putting themselves together and keeping themselves together as most females do.

These girls walk through the halls of high school in clothing that's barely there. They hide their faces behind mounds of make-up. They join the cheerleading squad, or some other sports team that'll increase their chances of getting a boyfriend. Some dye their hair, or add highlights. They all seem so fake though. Why do they think that they need to be fake to have lives? Acting as if all one cares about is buying $200 jackets and their emo or "punk" boyfriends does not make one seem intelligent. They take Advanced Placement classes just because it'll look good on their resumes.

Why so much to fit in? Don't be too smart, but don't be an idiot. If you're a popular student, you're supposed to remember to laugh at the freaks. Laugh at the students who read a lot. Laugh at everyone who isn't like you. Why the need for such behaviour? It gets no one anywhere.

Girls who claim to be emo, gothic, and punk are not necessarily much better than those who are considered preppy. It's silly to act as if you're deeper than everyone else just because you've attempted to kill yourself. It's unnecessary to cut yourself and show off your cuts just so you'll seem deep and depressed. Regardless of how deep you are, or suicidal you are, you are no better than everyone else. There are girls who dress like preps who are probably just as sad as you are, and who have attempted suicide several times.

These girls who put so much into the way they look are losing their personalities. The people they hang out with become their personalities. Girls who are preppy tend to live up to those standards, as do girls who are gothic, tend to live up to gothic standards. Why the focus on gaining what you think will be your identity? You are only managing to lose yourself, to become one of them. One of a herd of sheep, whether it be black sheep or white sheep. Herds of sheep are still herds of sheep, regardless of what side of the fence they live on, and what grass they eat. Sheep are sheep.