I am Mary not Martha

Luke 10: 38-42

I am Mary not Martha

When my Lord is near I do not occupy
myself with preparations

I do not busy myself with worries

Oh no, I sit quiet
and bask in his presence

Nothing is more important
than listening to Him speak

His words are golden, soothing,
solid assurances
and I would not miss a one

Do not call to me from the kitchen
demanding I abandon my post

Do not cry to my savior to rebuke me
to send me packing
with my head hung in shame

to aid you,
in your parties and packages
your brunches and outings
your busy work that helps you

feel useful

For He will tell you
that I have chosen the better of these things
and it will not be taken from me

because I am Mary
not Martha

and I sit at the feet of God