Chapter 2

I can't think of a better title

We didn't come home tonight. Instead, we have called her parents, said we are staying at a friend's house, in a totally different part of the city. Although her mother probably knows that we're full of shit, we are not ordered to come home. We have left her parents with no way to contact us. Her mother is angry because she wants to talk to our friend's mother or father, and we insist that she can't.

It's not that we are unaware that we could very well get caught. In fact, we don't even think that she's unaware of a lot of what's been going on. But at this time in our lives, it really doesn't matter to us. We are 15, and we feel as if we've gained tons of experience in certain areas. We figure that we have some clue of how to keep ourselves out of danger; so lying isn't a big deal to us. There's fun to be had, and neither one of us is about to miss it.

As we feel that we've been kept in, and restrained, we take our freedom for ourselves, disregarding potential danger. It doesn't matter how long we go out when we jump out the window, because sneaking out is a thrill. It doesn't matter that our parents know we're full of shit when we claim to be spending the night at a friend's house, because we'll end up where we'd like to go somehow. It doesn't really matter to us whether we have to come home and leave again, or whether we just stay there, and lie over the telephone.

It's funny to think back even one year. It's interesting to think that you spend the first ten or eleven years of your life so innocent. Then you get close to the age of twelve, and it doesn't matter to you what happens. The experiences that you gain will probably change your life. In two years, we gained so much experience, and grew up so fast. We learned so much of the responsibilities that come with the decisions that we have made. Our parents say that we are inexperienced, I would beg to differ… I think now, we gained far more experience in one summer than some people gain in a lifetime.