Real quick, these are actual IMs. These are real people, these are real stories, and I hope you enjoy them. They're pretty funny, I wanted to tell them on FP, so here's this first one. Spelling errors left intact...

I am Darkit2099, you can talk to me on AIM if you ever want to. Crazyhazy08 is Chibichocobo, a writer with the Cerulean Knights on FP. I don't think you all know who that is... Oh well. Here's the first story. Once again, these three stories actually happened...

Darkit2099 4:01 P.M.: Wanna hear how I got so many driving violations?
Darkit2099 4:01 P.M.: IN one night?
crazyhazy08 4:01 P.M.: woah
crazyhazy08 4:01 P.M.: why?
Darkit2099 4:01 P.M.: Here's the story
crazyhazy08 4:01 P.M.: ok
Darkit2099 4:02 P.M.: My brother was asleep all day, this was thursday night and I was in the middle of typing on the computer, so I want to go sign off
Darkit2099 4:02 P.M.: My bro's friend calls and they talk
crazyhazy08 4:02 P.M.: mmhmm?
Darkit2099 4:02 P.M.: I'm about to hit the hay till he says, "Hey JT, could you do me a favor?"
Darkit2099 4:02 P.M.: I'm like, "sure. What is it?"
crazyhazy08 4:02 P.M.: ?
Darkit2099 4:03 P.M.: he says, "I need you to drive me somewhere."

Me: "What? I don't have a license"
Darkit2099 4:03 P.M.: Or insurance
crazyhazy08 4:03 P.M.: oh jeez
crazyhazy08 4:03 P.M.: i'm afraid where this leads to
Darkit2099 4:03 P.M.: So he hands me a pack of cigs, and it's 1100 at night
crazyhazy08 4:03 P.M.: oh my
Darkit2099 4:03 P.M.: My step dad has to work the next morning, and I thought it over, and then I said, "why not."
Darkit2099 4:03 P.M.: We drove ten miles.
crazyhazy08 4:03 P.M.: woah
Darkit2099 4:04 P.M.: He got to a house, then he got out while I have to go back and drive home before my step dad gets up
Darkit2099 4:04 P.M.: I was driving without a license, no insurance, past curfew, and I was speeding on the roads
Darkit2099 4:04 P.M.: That's four
Darkit2099 4:04 P.M.: I have 30 minutes to get home, I get lost
crazyhazy08 4:04 P.M.: oh jeez
Darkit2099 4:05 P.M.: I took a wrong turn and I had to drive through a yard, Now I'm good at driving unless I'm not racing the clock
crazyhazy08 4:05 P.M.: ah
Darkit2099 4:05 P.M.: I drove on a military installation, so theres a nother
Darkit2099 4:05 P.M.: Wreckless driving, speeding
Darkit2099 4:05 P.M.: I pulled into a tennis court and two soldiers are out playing
crazyhazy08 4:05 P.M.: oh god
Darkit2099 4:05 P.M.: They look at me, I have to turn around, drive out bfore they bust my ass
Darkit2099 4:06 P.M.: I got lost on the backroads until I found the right way
crazyhazy08 4:06 P.M.: oh my
Darkit2099 4:06 P.M.: I broke 100 mph, and finally got home just as my stepdad got out of bed
Darkit2099 4:06 P.M.: I was flipping out
crazyhazy08 4:06 P.M.: ah crap! that must've been horrible!
Darkit2099 4:06 P.M.: I didn't get caught, but luckily for me I had a cig on me, so I smoked one
Darkit2099 4:06 P.M.: and that's all. Yeah it sucked
crazyhazy08 4:07 P.M.: aaah
crazyhazy08 4:07 P.M.: man
Darkit2099 4:07 P.M.: Oh yeah, and Grand Theft Auto was a charge because technically I had stolen the car from my parents
Darkit2099 4:07 P.M.: it was a bitch
crazyhazy08 4:07 P.M.: ah jeez
crazyhazy08 4:07 P.M.: it sounds like it

The next…

Tobiradoor is Kakera of FP. She's a really big Shounen ai writer (boyXboy romance) and I talk to her on AIM sometimes. She's cool, I like her. Oh, the first few lines are talking about the last story. I was amazed that me and Crazyhazy had actually talked for over an hour. I don't think she likes me anymore, but oh well...

Darkit2099 11:12 A.M.: I love you too
TobiraDoor 11:12 A.M.: Why is it surprising?
Darkit2099 11:12 A.M.: I've never talked to her for more than half an hour at a time
Darkit2099 11:12 A.M.: It was a full blown two hour talk
Darkit2099 11:12 A.M.: Usually we get burnt out
TobiraDoor 11:13 A.M.: Wow
Darkit2099 11:13 A.M.: I told her some of my old stories
TobiraDoor 11:13 A.M.: Really?
Darkit2099 11:13 A.M.: I told her about how I ran from the cops when i was 13
TobiraDoor 11:13 A.M.: Woah, really?
TobiraDoor 11:14 A.M.: curiousity piqued
Darkit2099 11:14 A.M.: It wa a funny story.
Darkit2099 11:14 A.M.: Gimme a sec' and i'll tell you it
TobiraDoor 11:14 A.M.: Okay
Darkit2099 11:16 A.M.: Hold on, I need to update
TobiraDoor 11:16 A.M.: lol no problem
Darkit2099 11:19 A.M.: ok
Darkit2099 11:19 A.M.: Anyways, I was 13 years old
Darkit2099 11:19 A.M.: i was still just a young teenage boy living through life when I went to my dad's house in Alabama. It was Spring Break
Darkit2099 11:20 A.M.: So me and my older brother were in the back on an oldsmobile eating chips, drinking soda, and just jamming out to some old Led Zeppelin
TobiraDoor 11:20 A.M.: Nice way to spend a day (nods)
Darkit2099 11:20 A.M.: Up front, my dad and his friend who I call Uncle Joel, they were drinking two six packs of beer
Darkit2099 11:21 A.M.: Anyways, they had pot on them
Darkit2099 11:21 A.M.: So they were passing a little joint around while me and my bro just listened to music
Darkit2099 11:21 A.M.: We didn't smoke any or drink, but my bro started to flip out and get paranoid because I'm sure he had a contact buzz
Darkit2099 11:21 A.M.: He stared at his watch and it flashed 930 for a sec
Darkit2099 11:22 A.M.: He yells, "Something big is happening at 930" and it was only 815
Darkit2099 11:22 A.M.: My older bro is like a psychic/empath so I know to lsten to him
Darkit2099 11:22 A.M.: Surely enough at 930 a cop drives by while Joel has a joint up to his mouth
Darkit2099 11:22 A.M.: Were scared
Darkit2099 11:23 A.M.: So we quickly got out of the car. My dad wanted me to come with him around back to hide the beers while Joel and my bro got in through the front door
Darkit2099 11:23 A.M.: After getting around back, my dad suggests we just run around through the back door
Darkit2099 11:24 A.M.: The cop is by the back and put of nowhere I get whacked by a bird feeder
Darkit2099 11:24 A.M.: I yell, "Fuck!" and we both slid behind a tree when the lights turned on
TobiraDoor 11:24 A.M.: Oh gods...
Darkit2099 11:24 A.M.: We're hiding and then we get up and run around to the fornt.
Darkit2099 11:25 A.M.: My dads yellin, "get in, get inside now!"
Darkit2099 11:25 A.M.: The cop is coming around and he trips on the porch, drops the stash, and my pringles.
Darkit2099 11:25 A.M.: While he's yelling, "get the stash! GRAB THE FUCKING STASH!"

I'm yelling, "My CHIPS, grab MY FUCKING CHIPS!"
TobiraDoor 11:26 A.M.: snork
Darkit2099 11:26 A.M.: We ran up stairs and bombed out for about three hours while that cop waits outside
Darkit2099 11:26 A.M.: He gave up, and then I finally got to bed around 2
Darkit2099 11:26 A.M.: We all eventually got stoned and watch Powerpuff girls for two hours, and that was the story of how I ran from the cops
TobiraDoor 11:27 A.M.: Wow
Darkit2099 11:27 A.M.: It was pretty funny actually
Darkit2099 11:27 A.M.: I still tell that one to the day
TobiraDoor 11:27 A.M.: laughs

And finally…

This story was the craziest. So anyways, the person here is a not yet starting writer Neni. I told her this story a few weeks ago after first meeting her. So this was my first conversationg with her. She's cool.

Darkit2099 6:59 P.M.: Oh, it was one I was about to tell you
Nen317 7:00 P.M.: ??
Darkit2099 7:00 P.M.: Wait, nevermind
Darkit2099 7:00 P.M.: I can't mention that one
Darkit2099 7:00 P.M.: Two of those dudes are in jail...
Darkit2099 7:00 P.M.: So nevermind
Nen317 7:00 P.M.: y
Nen317 7:00 P.M.: just saii it
Nen317 7:00 P.M.: change names or w.e
Darkit2099 7:00 P.M.: Ok
Darkit2099 7:00 P.M.: So me and ringo Starr went to go get a few beers
Darkit2099 7:01 P.M.: Well, we were young, so we couldn't afford them
Darkit2099 7:01 P.M.: NOr buy them
Nen317 7:01 P.M.: lolz
Darkit2099 7:01 P.M.: So our big idea was to go hop the fence and steal this big case from this lady next door
Darkit2099 7:01 P.M.: So we ended up getting a case
Darkit2099 7:01 P.M.: That's almost 48 beers
Nen317 7:01 P.M.: uhuh
Darkit2099 7:01 P.M.: So then we went around town with this big case
Nen317 7:02 P.M.: uhuh
Darkit2099 7:02 P.M.: We got do wasted so then we got so drunk that my friend immediatelly says, "let's steal some more beer!"
Nen317 7:02 P.M.: lolz
Darkit2099 7:02 P.M.: I was drunk, so I said, "Ok"
Darkit2099 7:03 P.M.: Anyways, we ran across town, leaving a case beind and my friend decides to go into a convienient store
Nen317 7:03 P.M.: uhuh
Darkit2099 7:03 P.M.: I was drunk, so I said, "lets take one to the bathroom drink it, and go.
Darkit2099 7:03 P.M.: We walk in, and this dude at the counter is eyeballing me
Darkit2099 7:03 P.M.: I'm looking at him.
Darkit2099 7:04 P.M.: Just then, my friend Ringo Starr (since I can't use names) grabs a 12 pack and yells, "Run JT!"
Nen317 7:04 P.M.: haha
Darkit2099 7:04 P.M.: I take off running and we ran one mile to the woods
Nen317 7:04 P.M.: omg lolz
Darkit2099 7:04 P.M.: WEre drinking in the woods
Nen317 7:04 P.M.: uhuh
Darkit2099 7:04 P.M.: by now, I'm sick
Darkit2099 7:04 P.M.: So I puked, and said, "Let's go home"
Nen317 7:05 P.M.: uhuh
Darkit2099 7:05 P.M.: LIttle did I know that the Police filed an APB on me and my pal and there was this other dude with us whom I'll call George Harrison since I can't use names
Nen317 7:05 P.M.: uhuh
Nen317 7:05 P.M.: lolz
Darkit2099 7:05 P.M.: So we're walking along, stumbling, about to puke, wreeking of beer, and we hear a loud siren
Darkit2099 7:06 P.M.: We all stood up straight and I said, "Dude, don't run."
Darkit2099 7:06 P.M.: This cop comes up to us and says, "Have you boys been drinking tonight?"
Nen317 7:06 P.M.: lolz omg
Darkit2099 7:06 P.M.: It was 600 in the afternoon
Darkit2099 7:07 P.M.: I didn't reply, I just blew in the cops face before he took us to the woods where they have five units waiting
Nen317 7:07 P.M.: o shit
Darkit2099 7:07 P.M.: The first cop says, "Ok boys, where did you hide the cokes?"
Nen317 7:07 P.M.: lolz
Darkit2099 7:07 P.M.: My friend Ringo says, "I wouldn't waste my time stealing no fucking cokes."
Darkit2099 7:07 P.M.: At that time George punches him
Darkit2099 7:07 P.M.: Hurting him
Darkit2099 7:07 P.M.: So we're silent
Darkit2099 7:08 P.M.: And the cops take us to the station
Nen317 7:08 P.M.: o shit lolz
Darkit2099 7:08 P.M.: My parents picked me up form there and take me home.
Darkit2099 7:08 P.M.: That's when I was sitting on the bathtub with my uncle and he was saying something
Darkit2099 7:08 P.M.: I don't remember, but he slapped me
Nen317 7:08 P.M.: haha
Darkit2099 7:09 P.M.: So anyways I went to bed that night , woke up
Nen317 7:09 P.M.: yea im not into drinkin in shit lik not beer atleast lolz okay
Darkit2099 7:09 P.M.: The next morning, and then I asked my mom, "Do we have any gas money left. I need to head to the DMV"
Darkit2099 7:09 P.M.: And she replies, "not with this bill you fucking picked up"
Darkit2099 7:09 P.M.: And that was the story of me getting busted
Nen317 7:10 P.M.: haha lolz that sukkz
Nen317 7:10 P.M.: how old were u
Darkit2099 7:10 P.M.: 16
Darkit2099 7:10 P.M.: Or was I 15?
Darkit2099 7:10 P.M.: Don't remember
Nen317 7:10 P.M.: lol

I hope you enjoyed those. I have many more stories. I just need to tell them to somebody and copy paste. Leave a review, I promise to review you back, ok?