La Esmeralda, come and dance
Flaunt thyself for Paris, France
Let thy beauty sweep the norm
Allow such feelings to have a form
On thy spindly dancer's feet
Only the wind this tune doth meet

Emerald of Gypsies, hear our cries
Grant us a dance to please our eyes
Body of Venus, and spirit of fire
Dancing upon containment's pyre
Seek the stars in your wild gaze
"Dance, la Rena," the flutist plays

Wave your scarves of purple and red
See how lively dance the dead
Lament for the gypsies hung this day
And one more man becomes your prey
Tonight for you the Judge has eyes
Making him see desire's prize

La Esmeralda, be our delight
Dance for us on this fine night
Dance for dusk and dance for dawn
Heart of a tiger, eyes of a fawn
Take up this erotic tune of lore
Dance, lovely wonder, dance once more

If it is so desired, I shall write a few more on the subject of The Hunchback of Notre Dame.