To the tune of "Hellfire" from the Disney version of the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Fallen from heaven
Are you an angel dancing there
Are you a symbol of the light Divine?
Angel or heathen
My heart your steely claws ensnare
But these hands feel warm caressing mine

Child and lover
In the name of Him I swear
That your body shall serve to be my tool
Maiden and Mother
I lust for you without a care
But dearest how you're playing me the fool

My gypsy of fire
Do you take harsh pleasure in
The way your flame does burn my blackened soul?
My lust and desire
You see the way I'm scorched within
Your figure a silhouette of glowing coal

In fire desire
Chars me with my sin
Your master, your sire
Does he touch you within?
Your eyes bleed with my greed
My true intentions do you see?
Your lips swear of your creed
Will you belong to me?

Mea Culpa
I'll have it not!
Mea Culpa
It will not be

You are in my hands
And belong only to me

Mea Culpa
Will you accept?
Mea Culpa
Or will you deny?

The demon in my mind
That torments me as I die

Fallen from heaven
A demon straight from hell are you
Tempting me withflesh and angel eyes
Angel or heathen
I will see only what is true
But why do I fall spell to your sweet lies?

Angel or devil
I have to have that olive skin
That body made of oil is pleasure's key
I see and I revel
That body I know I must win
Succulence of deadliest ecstacy

Help me, God, o' help me see
Help me, Heaven, mercy me

But you will torment me
No longer.

Not that I believe in hell. This was done from the view of Judge Frollo (Dom Frollo, if your prefer. Or, if it is informal, Claude).