Originally written: 12-9-05

A child's innocence
The world's guilt
To know that the only pure soul
Is one that died young.

One man's act
A nation's pain
30 people's screams that result in
National uproar

In your hotel
At the pier
You look out the clear glass window
To the stormy day and frothing sea
Knowing you only have to
Slide the door open
And step outside.

But the soldier
After a hard day
Muscles aching
The talk of his bunkies ringing in his ears
Takes out a photo:
They're all there
His mom
His dad
His little sister
And himself
Smiling, yes, he thinks, that's my face
I'm so different now.
He sits there, stuck in time
Friends laughing, joking, blurring . . .
He sees the picture, the moment,
It's there—
But he just . . . can't . . . reach
And wishes he could have been
Instead of fighting endlessly
Because of one man.