And I'll smile as I reminisce from the warmth that the past brings to my heart. I'll remember being a child when the actions of the world weren't so important. I'll remember running through fields with hair all down my back. I'll remember my first day of middle school. My first bee sting was the very same day. I'll remember what my life was like without you in it.

And it makes me wonder, if you are worth the pain.

I'll remember the first day I saw you at school; I just stared as you walked right on by. And I'll remember the first day I got up the guts to stop and say hi, while you were talking to your other senior friends. Just a freshman…the words still echo in my head from the moment before you defended my honor. I'll still remember that year you realized who you were and that you didn't need stereo-types. I'll still remember how I admired you for WHO YOU ARE.

I'll still admire you, even if I can't love you.

I'll always remember the nicknames you gave me. The ones that poked fun at me for getting hurt, the ones from the inside jokes that only we understood. I will still laugh and reminisce. I will still cry for you, and love for you. I will still be right here for you, and I will always understand you and all you do.

I will still be there for you, even if you go away.

I'll always remember the day when it snowed, you said 'I love you' and I said, 'Its cold outside.' I never understood what you really meant until I couldn't say those words back. I realize now the reason you said to me those things you did. I understand why you lied to me…there are too many people wanting to keep us apart.

You said you'd never let me hurt.

And most importantly I'll always remember that you kept every promise you ever made to me. The sad thing is that you promised me you would have to go away; I wish you never kept that promise. And even though you're gone…your loyalty still makes me smile.

I'll always remember you even now that you're gone. You'll always remind me of the way things used to be. I'll always remember your murmurs of,

'Life goes on, baby.'