A girl: A sad broken shadow of who she wants to be.

Her neighborhood: A catacomb of twisting lies in shades of blue and green.

Her parents: The things that keep her alive, that gave her life, that make her want to die.

Her story: The one of a mad, teenage basket case. Seldom told but very well known.

The life of a soul that no one understood. The life, the wonderings of someone who wondered daily and who knew that there was more than life to this. 'One of these days,' she tells herself, 'I'll find a way out of this place.'

She'll be the only one in the town to leave and never return. She'll be the only one who'll ever understand what she would have missed if she'd succeeded in killing herself during her seventh year of schooling. She will be the only one who will understand what it will be like to live and die at the same time.

She will be the greatest person in the whole world but no one will know. No one will know because she doesn't have a billion dollars.

No one will know because she isn't gorgeous like all the movie stars; because she doesn't carry designer bags and murder animals to wear.

No one will know this girl exists because she's just another nobody in this sick dream we call