wings eternally.

Leena crossed one leg over the other as she glanced my way. Lunch was near. Pencils were writing. Teacher paid no attention whatsoever to the rest of us as he sucked on a cigarette, flopped his feet on top of his desk, and loosely gripped onto a porno magazine he'd tucked underneath his textbook. Everyone knew, so we all assumed he did it in case another teacher came in, or someone commented on it. Leering in my direction, his laser eyes pinned the lazy pencil lying across my desk. I stared at it with a bored expression and shrugged as he narrowed his eyes.

"Marilyn…" he murmured, making a few heads rise either to him, or me.

Nodding, I picked up the yellow chunk of wood on my desk and placed it in my hand. It was an unfamiliar feeling to hold a pencil. I grinned as my eyes met with the faded loose-leaf page and let my fingers sit across its surface. The pencil found its way to the corner, and a single word was written on the right side of the page: Marilyn. Just as he'd told me. Now my pencil was chipping away to useless words like I, and love, and you. Crumple. Throw. Leena's eyes sparkled as she carefully turns her head back a bit, and she smiles sweetly at me, opening the note in her lap. Her smile quickly widened, and the bell rang throughout the school, everyone instantly making a racket with their chairs and bags.

We never walked out together. We couldn't even stand together without being harassed. So of course, we went our separate ways, but always ended up meeting up somewhere else. Wind forced its way through the warmth that had been lingering since summer, destroying any hope that we would be able to spend a lot of time on the beach. Of course, the two of us didn't care, if it meant we could be together alone. We'd probably sit through hail and be okay with it.

Today I found her behind the local coffee place, and she brought me further behind the buildings, into the shadows. We really were alone. I smiled and stared into her honey eyes, curling her golden hair behind her ear and kissing the freckles on her cheek.

"Did I ever tell you that you look really hot in pleated skirts? I could jump you right here in this alley…" I smirked, kissing the tip of her nose and folding my arms behind my back.

"I could tell you the same thing," she laughed, shaking her head at me and gently letting her fingers seep into the thin, dark hair at the back of my neck as she pressed her lips to mine briefly.

Smiling, I let my hair fall against my face as I moved my body closer to hers, lacing my fingers between hers and having her push her lips with mine again. My tongue soaked through the opening in our mouths, and I caressed her tongue, rubbing my thumb against her side. She softly laughed and grabbed my free hand, cupping it over her left breast and winking at me. I smiled and pushed my tongue against hers, squeezing my hand over her blouse and closing my eyes tight. "Mmh…" she panted, curling her tongue with mine as she gripped the back of my hair harder and made me cringe as her hand slipped under the back side of my skirt. This was getting a little too public, so I closed my lips with hers, grinning as I lingered near her face. She kissed my cheek and we held hands until we reached the street.

Neither of us could take it by the time Friday night had come along. I tugged at her tie and it eventually gave way to her neck, falling onto the floor with another pull. Unbuttoning her shirt, I smirked and smoothed my hand under her bra, merging my lips down onto hers. She must've been startled by how fast I was, because she whimpered when I slid my tongue in her mouth and fastened her arm around my back, dragging my tie off with her other hand. I massaged her breast and played with her nipple as it hardened, squeezing hard enough to make her moan and rub her tongue forcefully against mine. Our mouths moved quicker, as did our tongues, and I groped helplessly at her breast, pulling impatiently at her sleeves and throwing her blouse on the floor beside the bed. Luckily, her bra unhooked from the front, and I removed my lips from hers, lowering my head and forming my lips around her other nipple. She moaned as I molded my tongue around its hardness, digging her hands in my hair and throwing her head back against the pillow.

Arching her back, she pushed me upwards and unbuttoned my blouse as I let my mouth form over her neck, kissing across her chest and licking up to her chin, placing my lips on hers again. She threw my blouse in the pile and pulled my bra off, letting it join the other discarded articles of clothing. Spreading my legs, she pulled me closer and sat in my lap, her legs stretched out behind me. My fingers rubbed underneath her skirt, overtop her panties, and she moaned loudly, her hand gripping over mine. She bit her lip and let her other arm support my back, pulling my body closer to hers.

"I love you, Leenie," I told her, lifting my chin to kiss her on the lips before I pushed her back on the bed and began to lower her skirt.

"I love you, Mer," she replied, closing her eyes and letting her arms stretch out above her.

She was a beautiful sight; her angelic face, full breasts, long torso, and now her slim, lengthy legs at my sides. The black lace panties didn't hurt, either, after I removed her forest green pleated skirt and threw it in the pile. Soon afterward, I sat up to remove mine, and leaned over to kiss her navel, resting the side of my face against her stomach as I wound my arms around her waist. Her arms reached down so she could strip me of my panties, and I lowered my chin to grip hers with my teeth.

"Don't you think you're going a little far now?" she questioned, tilting an eyebrow and giggling. Nodding, I sat up and pulled them down with my hands, gazing upon her naked body. "Okay, enough fawning for you," she decided, huddling at the top of the bed and motioning me closer so she could pull the blankets over us. I felt more secure now, though the cold and fear from being in the open had given me more adrenaline to look forward to.

My fingers fell between her legs. I rubbed at her thighs and she formed a grin across her lips as she led my free hand to her breast again. Tugging lightly at her nipple with a couple of fingers, I watched her expression of grief and pleasure. Once my finger was inside of her wet entrance, I couldn't stop. I squeezed her breast, pushing my finger at her insides and making her moan. As I got faster, I pressed harder, making her grip at my back suddenly and arch towards me as my hand gripped her breast in a fluent rhythm. Her hands trailed to my breasts, and I hung my mouth open as she groped at them, rubbing a free finger against her clit and sliding my finger in and out of her.

As I notice her getting tired after a while, I pull my hands away from her and wipe my soaked fingers on the sheets, wrapping my arms around her and pressing my lips to her cheek. She sighs of exhaustion and curls up next to me, letting my hold onto her as she falls asleep. If she'd ever left…I didn't know where I would've been then. But for now, I would be safe by her side.

Oh, dear. How did this happen? Jack wrote a femslash? oo Well, I guess it was because my horny friend Kevin wanted me to write about lesbians, so...I made a compromise that I would do so as long as they got to be schoolgirls. And then he made a compromise that as long as they weren't Japanese, I could do so. XD's theresult. Try not to bash me too much, if you can help it. If you thought the ending was lacking, it's because I'm tired and just wanted to end it so I could work on other things. >> I'm really trying to get some complete works in this giant collection of mine; sorry. (this is such a porn without purpose...)