Tragic Love

Tragic Love

Deep down inside you knew I loved you,

Hand in hand we would walk,

Eyes meeting in a fleet second of

Passion and then leaving, back to

Their normal course.

Smiling faces the first few months,

Laughter and joyousness for us,

In our lives and our relationship,

Things we cherished,

Things we loved.

Talking on the phone for hours,

It seem to become part of my ear

When we would speak,

Not wanting to miss a word.

Sneaking out in the middle of the night

To see each other one last time before we were

Gone, gone like the last meteor across the sky,

Burned out like the ones before, and like

We would soon be.

Burned out is what we were, I guess,

Bored with each other, not

Wanting to commit, the laughter

Long gone from our lives.

Angry voices,

Poorly made choices,

Things that we would both come to regret.

Things that we had no control over,

Like we lived to far away,

But that didn't matter to me, because I

Loved you, and thought you loved me,

The letter said it all,

The letter said you would never leave me,

And then a month later you were gone.

Milkweed fluff floating in the wind,

Long gone, no longer caring about me,

No longer caring about our love.

I will remember you forever as my first

Real love, because you were, of course.

Why would I say it if it wasn't true?

Now you've taken you gun, moved

Ten paces and turned and fired,

But I stand, mouth agape, as the bullet

Of your anger comes rushing at me,

Barely missing my cheek.

The gun still shines, unless in my hands,

I choose not to fire on ones I once loved,

Similar to the saying,

'Only bites when provoked.'

And then you provoked me,

Fabricating false truths, and jeering with

A tongue so sharp.

My words came swift and harsh, too harsh

For what I meant to say, and I'm sorry for that,

But not sorry for what you have done,

How you have hurt me,

And ripped my heart out of chest,

Tossing it away as if it were

A plastic cup,

Disposable after one use.

No, I will never forgive for that,

But time will heal wounds,

And maybe one day we could just forget,

Forget each other, and have

The darkness cover our memories again.