"I Realized."


MATTHEW. Narrator. 16 years old. Angry, sad, wistful, jealous. Older twin (by 2 minutes). A brain (thinks a lot & analyzes everything too much). Short brown hair, green eyes, small build. Loves reading.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Head of the Foreign Media club, Head of his class (best grades), speaks French fluently, and is taking college-level English courses.

JACK. 16 years old. Twin to Matthew. In lust with Kit (Matt's former best friend). Brown hair, a little longer than Matt's. Brighter green eyes, one is yellow-green. Football player, baseball player, good at school & likes video games, books, and boys.

KIT. 16 years old. The 'friend'. Happy, laid-back, loving, slightly dense. Medium build, good at gym, mathematics, science, choir, bad at language arts. Plays baseball. Dyed hair; dark red at top, fading into fire-yellow tips, mid-neck-length hair, layered. Indigo eyes. Rich.


MR.&MRS.TENNISON. Parents to Matt & Jack.

JEN. Sister to Kit (brunette, green eyes, crazy, younger).

MR.&MRS.PAYTON. Parents to Kit and Jen.

CORY,BRADLEY,COLIN. Friends of Jack.


KIHO. Korean. Moved to America a year previous.

TATSUHA. Born in America, 100 Japanese, speaks Japanese fluently.