by Rabuyuu

Warning; This story is rated 'T' as an overall account for violence, profanity (Rhadis has quite the potty mouth) and some sexual situations which will/may occur later on (none of which will be too serious however). Both homosexual (yaoi, male/male) and heterosexual relationships occur within the story, although the former is more dominant, so...read at your discretion.

Characters/situations/settings etc. belong to me. 'Elysium' is based upon the 'Elysium Fields' of Greek mythology where it was a section of the underworld put aside for the victorious/noble heroes. For more information you can go here - en . wikipedia . org / wiki / Elysium (remove the spaces)

Symbols and their uses: A brief note of the symbols used within the story;

- - - - - - denotes a setting change

::::::::::::::::::: refers to a flashback

Italics is thoughts or emphasis

NUE Gun stands for 'Neutronic Universal Energiser Gun'

The first part may seem confusing to begin with but it is explained later on XD; And I'm now done pointing out the obvious XD;; Enjoy! And review please and thank you :D



"I need you..." A hand reached out, making a desperate attempt to grab onto the figure that quickly moved out of the way, eyes narrowing at the delicate, white hand with a hint of disgust. The figure lifted its foot with every intention of slamming it back down onto the hand before thinking better of it.

Moving away the dark man swept by a fireplace; his features illuminated for a moment before he was shrouded in darkness once more. The fire danced over high cheekbones, creating shadows under his eyes that made them all the more menacing.

He turned; eyes going to the crippled figure in the middle of the room. He sneered as pleading eyes caught onto his, glaring right back into them.

"Pity for you I don't need anyone." The words were spat and a cry of dismay came from the smaller figure as a new hand suddenly reached out, fingers curling to clutch around a thin, bare throat.

"I..." The words were strangled as the wraith-like figure was lifted up by its throat.

"You are nothing, you understand." He said, his voice low and silken; a corner of his lips curving in the mockery of a smile. "A two-bit whore working the streets to get money. You have nothing, own nothing, are nothing and yet you still insist on coming back. I beat you, send you away and yet here you are, begging me to keep you. Have you always been this desperate, or is it simply for me that youshow yourmasochistic tendencies?"

"That's not...right." A trembling voice whispered, eyes clenching shut in pain. The hand tightened in response, a malicious grin forming over his pale face. Shaking hands reached up to grab a hold of his. "You shouldn't say that...S-"

The hand around her throat removed itself, the man delicately wiping them with a handkerchief before throwing it down once more. He straightened himself, giving the injured form a cutting look before turning away. "I have never given you permission to use my name. You are...presumptuous in thinking that you can."


"Hm? We what? Had sex? 'Made love'? The only reason you are still alive is because you hold something very dear to him."

The body flinched, arms coming around a thin stomach as if to protect it. The shaking became worse as the body began to move slowly back and forth. Lips quivered but still the words came out, "You...you can't..."

"Don't be a fool.Of course I can. What other use is there for you?"

"...I won't...he won't..."

The man laughed derisively, shaking his head back and forth. "My dear, I believe that when the time comes you'll find you won't be able to avoid it."

Screams began to fill the room, an aching cry for help that was soon cut off when the man's boot met an already bruised face. The body fell and the man rolled his eyes as he stared at the unconscious body.

He gave one second of silence before turning sharply to a dark corner of the room, piercing eyes catching the small movement of one of his many servants entering the room. He smirked and pointed; "You know what to do."

The servant nodded, moving silently through the room and scooping up the body, leaving soon after without a sound.

In the ongoing quiet the man seated himself beside the fireplace in a high-backed chair. His hand went out, picking up an elegant wineglass from the small table beside him and moving it so that the glass reflected the flames of the roaring fire.

He pondered for a moment as he stared at it, swirling the wine aimlessly before letting a small, satisfactory smile show through before he proceeded to drink all of it in one fine gulp.

"This will be...quite interesting."

- - - - - -

"Thief! Get back here! Come back and pay for you crimes!"

Rhadis grimaced at the words 'pay' and 'crimes'. It made him scowl, stopping in his run for a minute to turn around, flipping the following Guards the bird and yelling back at them. "Hey! You're the ones who destroyed the market place! Not me!"

Instant cries of denial reached him from the ground, where the various Royal Galaxial Guards stood surrounding the building he himself stood on. It was like a moat had formed around the building, which was quite impossible as said building was set in village made up of dust and sand.

The young man rolled his eyes, pulling on the bandages he currently had wrapped around his face haphazardly. He couldn't very well keep on running like this when the stupid thing kept slipping down and covering his eyes. It just never stayed on properly, always coming loose. Who was the one that decided a turban was a good fashion statement anyway? They should be shot. And hung. And possibly quartered.

Rhadis was just starting to drool at the possibilities when the yelling suddenly picked up. His ears pricked; turning towards the sound and he focused for a minute, eyes widening slightly when he realised just what he was hearing. The sound of...cheering? Shit. That couldn't be good. Not at all.

Bracing himself, he cast a look over the side of the flat-roofed building. Grimacing slightly, the boy let out a low moan of dismay when he saw some idiot Guard attempting to climb the side of the straight building, using two pegs to pull himself up. Rather unsuccessfully, Rhadis noticed, as the Guard almost lost his grip several times. His feet, scrabbling for footholds that weren't there, were also producing more dust that a cart, his companions on the ground cheering and yelling at him in turns. It took all he had not to snort in derision. Amateurs.

Still, thethief decided as he looked around, he'd better get moving soon before the morons finally realised there was actually a set of stairs leading to the roof. He had to wonder how they hadn't already, he'd thought it was pretty obvious that no one could actually climb the damned buildings in this town.

He rolled his eyes once more, grabbing handfuls of straggly, brown hair and stuffing it back into his turban, trying to keep the thing out of his eyes as he searched for an escape root. The bad thing about climbing onto buildings was that often enough there was no safe way down. He'd given himself enough scrapes over the past few days jumping from these things. At least the landing was soft enough. He'd take sand over stone any day.

Hoisting his winnings higher up his shoulder Rhadis scooted to the other side of the roof, taking a deep breath and scanning the surrounding area. There was a cart filled with fresh fruit on the street below, the man standing next to it shouting out outrageous prices and shoving the fruit into people's faces as they passed by.

He thought for a while before dismissing the idea of jumping for it. It would be just another crime to add to his bill, not to mention that the stains from the fruit juice would be hell to get out.

The yelling was getting louder and Rhadis cast a look back over to the other side, praying for another few seconds.

His prayers weren't answered and he gulped reflexively as he saw hands grasp onto the edge of the building as the Guard struggled to pull himself over. The fingers slipped once or twice and Rhadis took the precious time given to scan over the side once more, frowning when nothing came immediately to mind.

Gritting his teeth the young thief said the one thing that summed up his current situation; "Shit."

Well, this is going splendidly Rhadis. What next? The guy finds a NUE gun? Grimacing in disgust, the young man shook his head, attempting to concentrate. There wasn't much he could do now except...

The sound of scrabbling from the other side jostled him into action and he hastily moved to the edge once more, this time taking care to include everything in his gaze as he tried to find a possible means of escape.

A tall - obscenely tall - woman walked by in the alleyway, pulling a yelling child after her as she went. She stopped for a moment at the fruit stand before carrying on her way again. The child pulled back at one point, tugging his mother backwards until the woman finally picked him up. This proved to be a bad idea as the child used the height to grab onto the line of washing overhead, hanging on like a leech. He let go soon enough however when his mother slapped his hands, pulling him away entirely.

Rhadis grimaced, moving his gaze upwards, despairing of any safe way out of this before something suddenly caught the corner of his eye. He swerved his eyes around, focusing on the wall opposite. He knew he'd caught something...a flicker.

His brows narrowed as he searched until he finally grabbed onto that something again.

It was a small window, just large enough for him to fit through. It was...perfect. Rhadis grinned to himself as he measured the distance, the smile slipping from his face as he realised he'd never make it.

Casting a cursory look behind him Rhadis winced as he saw the balding head of the Guard showing just over the top. He could hear the big baboon panting even from this far away.

Rolling his eyes the young man grabbed strands dirty brown hair once more, absently shoving it back into his turban as he thought over his predicament. It took him a few minutes before he finally thought up a good enough plan that required the least risk on his own part.

Bending quickly he swiped the small knife he always kept on him from his boot, twirling it deftly in his hand before stilling it.

He waited then; the timing had to be perfect for it to work. Casting a quick look behind him he saw the Guard's beady black eyes glaring at him over the edge of the building. He grinned, giving the man a cheery wave and a one-fingered salute before deftly jumping off the edge and seemingly plummeting to his death.

Rhadis wasn't ready to die yet however and he twisted in the air, moving the handle of his knife to his mouth so his hands were free to grab onto the line of washing he'd noticed earlier. He swung himself around, linking his feet together around the wire before crawling sloth-like along the line, stopping when he believed himself far enough along.

He moved his arms so he was supporting himself only with his elbow andfeet. His other hand went to his mouth, removing the knife from it and beginning to hack at the line. If his calculations were correct he should be able to swing himself straight into the window from this angle.

Just as the frayed ends snapped Rhadis twisted his body around once more, the knife quickly going back to it's rightful place in his boot and his hands holding on for dear life as headed right for the wall.

He hit the wall with a thump, his calculations off by mere centimetres. His toes dangled just above the windowsill and he stretched his arms, touching onto the stone before throwing himself inside the room.

Another miscalculation had him tumbling into an unsuspecting caped figure who had, until then, been sitting perfectly still on a wooden chair beside the window.

The two rolled together for a while before coming to a stop, both hopelessly entangled in each other with Rhadis' turban wrapped around the both of them.

Theyoung mangave a pained groan, quickly tugging on his head dress and wrapping his hair up again, ignoring the brown strands of hair that seemed determined to poke out. He struggled to his feet, wincing slightly as his muscles protested.

Oh well, the young man thought as he straightened his back. It could have gone worse. You could be in jail and covered in fruit juice.

Extending his hand to the figure on the floor Rhadis blinked incomprehensibly when the figure ignored it, moving its body to the far corner – as far away from the thief as it could get in the small cooped room.

The thief watched him silently for a moment, wincing slightly as his eyes fell on the broken chair that he'd fallen on in his immediate entrance. He grimaced, bending down beside it and looking through the pieces of snapped wood. "Ah...I can fix this."

"Leave it." The figure said; voice clipped and so sudden that it made Rhadis jump.

After the slight had passed the thief gave a slight grin, motioning towards the chair. "Hey, it's no problem or anything. It'll only take a few minutes and then..."

"It's fine." The figure interrupted, cutting Rhadis off mid-speech.

He blinked, eyes narrowing slightly as he tried to see the face hidden beneath a black hood. What the hell?

"Look, I need to repay you for barging in like that..."

"I said leave it."

Shaking his head Rhadis tried again, taking out his knife and deliberately ignoring the flinch the other gave when it came out into the light. He began carving into the wood, working diligently until the chair was fixed, it looked even better than before in fact, Rhadis was proud to note as he stood it up again.

"See? Didn't take me too long did it? Now if you'll just..."

"I want you to leave."

Rhadis rolled his eyes. What was it with the interruptions? He cleared his throat, looking pointedly athis sack of treasures that had somehow become wrapped around the legs of the figure's only table.

"I...er...can't. Well, not until I've freed my things and..."

"Leave. Now." The figure said, its voice brooking no argument as it struggled to its feet.

Rhadis frowned, shaking his head back and forth, his turban slipping from side to side as he did so. "No, see, I can't go without my loot and..."

"You stole it anyway. You can leave without it."

The thief ground his teeth together, standing at his full five foot ten, not amused in the least when all the caped figure did in response was snort and point to the door.

"I can't leave without my stuff." Rhadis attempted again, making a move towards the table only to be blocked off by the other man. He knew it was male now, its voice was most definitely masculine. Well, either that or it was a female who had a really deep voice for a girl.

"You can leave just fine. Turn, walk to the door, and then leave."

Rhadis felt his eye twitch in response, his ire rising with every moment as he shook his head again; his hands forming into fists by his side. "Look, there is no way in hell I'm leaving without it so you might as well sit back whilst I try and work around it."

The figure sighed, seeming to admit defeat as it made its way back the far corner, seating itself in the same spot as before and not making another sound as Rhadis bent down next to the table.

It didn't look so complicated, the handle of the sack had become knotted and entwined around the table. All he had to do was untie it and then hopefully it would simply come free and he could leave this dump.

Casting one quick glance back Rhadis' eyes widened when his own caught onto a pair of deep red ones. Theyhooked and then held onto his own, burning into his with such intensity that the thief's hands clenched around the table leg until he could hear the splintering of wood. And then, just as quickly, the burning eyes left, retreatingback to the depths of the hood that hid the figure's face from view.

Rhadis had to shake himself before he was able to work again. He concentrated intensely on the task at hand, forcing his mind onto the task so it couldn't wonder off and contemplate those strange eyes. He'd never seen such a colour before...

His lips stretched into a thin line and he gave a cry of relief when the sack finally came free and he was able to throw it onto his back.

The figure made a noise, seeming to be one of both relief and annoyance at the same time.

It confused Rhadis but he didn't stop to question it as he crossed the room, his hand going out to grasp onto the handle only to meet thin air when it was abruptly taken out of his reach. What the...

His eyes metnavy blue and he gulped as his gaze travelled upwards to take in a red, bearded face, stern lips stretched into a grim line and...familiar harsh beady black eyes.

Rhadis couldn't even make an attempt at escape before handcuffs were around his wrists and the Guard was tugging him out of the room. He winced as he was shoved forward, scowling when the same Guard stole his well-earned prize and passed it onto another.

He watched silently as another Guard entered the room behind him, only to return with the caped figure stumbling along behind him.

Rhadis blinked, frowning slightly when the Guard whispered something to another before displaying the figure to him.The thiefopened his mouth, about to say something when another voice cut across him.

"I told you to leave." The figure spat, burning eyes meeting his for the second time before leaving just as quickly.

The thief shook his head, feeling a faint slant of annoyance as his turban started to tilt to far left again. He looked towards one of the Guards, moving slightly towards him, putting on his best innocent look as he tried to think of a way out of this. "Ah...you've made a mistake. That guy, er, thing, isn't with me. I've never met it before in my life! Its..."

The Guard laughed at him, seeming to find great amusement in his struggles to prove the other's innocence.

The man shook his head back and forth, a meaty hand reaching out and patting Rhadis patronisingly on the head. It was all he could do not to bite it off, refraining at the last moment and waiting instead for the Guard to speak.

"You misunderstand thief. This boy is wanted for a crime much more serious than you own. He is a murderer of the worst kind. Patricide."

...Murder of a father? That...thing? Rhadis blinked, looking at thefigure differently from before, scrutinising him. But he still couldn't sense anything threatening from him. Well...except for the utter hatred seeping out of him at Rhadis. So why...why was he charged with murder?

To be continued...