"Do you ever think that it'll stop raining?" She stared out of the window.

"No," I replied. The road was infinate. I watched yellow line after yellow line pass by the side of the car.

"What if it never stopped raining?" She traced a raindrop across the window.

"If it never stopped? I suppose we'd all drown, eventually." She could be so child-like at times.

"But wouldn't it be perfect? To kiss the person you love while rain falls on you, forever..." She was beautiful in her innocence.

"You'd die though."

"But you'd die together, and that's what's perfect about it. The saddest thing in the world is to be a lover without love."


"Are you okay?"

"Answer me!"

She was silent in the grass, rain ran down her face. Eyes closed, blood washing away, she looked so peaceful. I want that peace.

I kissed her lips, there was no breath.

It rained forever, but I never died.