I've Had It

You spat out I'm worthless and began to feed me such grand lies,

You said I'd never be good enough in your envious eyes.

You always wanted more and I obviously couldn't give you that,

For you went out and replaced me with some foolish obedient brat.

She listens to your every word, and each one of your demands,

She cowers in great fear as you yell at her such filthy commands.

You make everyone your slave as you mind-wash their brains,

You tie them by their necks with gold and silver colored chains.

You hammer nails through their backs and watch as they call out,

You dig deep underneath their skin and smile as they shout.

I wish you would just stop all the nonsense that is going on,

But as soon as I tell you, you bolt out the door and you're gone.

This is all a fun game for you; I thought you were better than this,

But right when I explain you're wrong, you just throw me in an abyss.

I'm honestly sick of all your mind-wrecking games, and your unwillingness to change,

The next few things I might tell you will sting, and coming from me it'll be very strange.

I think you are out of your mind if you want to still boss me around,

I'm truly through with you; I don't want to hear you make another sound.

I've had to put up with you for way too many unwanted resentful years,

And once as I boot you out the door I'll give myself victorious cheers.

You selfish conceited jerk, may you rot in the deepest depths of hell,

Today's the day I'll give you, my sinful devil, a final farewell.

A/N: Hm...I wrote this hoping a few people could relate to it. I really hope y'all like it! (hugs)