September 11 2001.

Never forget,

Always remember.

Those who died that day in September,

When the flames went up and began to burn.

That was when the world ceased to turn.

Why did it happen, you ask?

It's because we have forgotten one simple task.

People are too quick to hate, too quick to judge,

Always trying to hold on to a grudge.

Some only care to make money, swallowed by greed.

A sign had to be sent from above, to give heed.

God didn't want to see that happen, he didn't want to see them cry.

As they had to go to heaven without one final goodbye.

It was something needed, but not in that way.

We received a wake up call on that September day.

Nine eleven, was unfortunately that sign from above.

A sign to remember.

Remember to love.

(In loving memory of those who tied on September 11, 2001)