Party At Grovestand Drive

By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was on a hot and sunny July day

That I had moved myself away

From the City of New York and into a new

Home in Miami and met a guy named Drew

Stewart,who invited me to a party that day.

After I had gotten myself together and

Went with Drew to the party at Grovestand

Drive,I spotted a beautiful blonde woman

Walking towards me and saying that the man

Of her dreams has arrived and he's so grand.

We looked into each other's eyes and danced

Around a room where everyone else glanced

Their eyes at the both of us just before

We had kissed each other on the lips for

A couple of minutes and gave one more glance.

Then,after we walked on to the outside

balcony,I had placed myself beside

The beautiful Simone and asked her to be

My wife,only to have her say,"We'll see.

But first,let's go back to the party inside."