James Watts watched the delicate, pale girl brush a peice of light brown hair out of her honey colored eyes as she continued to read her book. They didn't know each other personally and he wasn't planning to get to know her either. But there was something about her that was absolutely fasinating. The girl's name was Emily Horsen and they had been in at least one class with each other since the seventh grade, they were now juniors in high school. James didn't know much about Emily besides the fact that she hated being called anything besides Emily and she didn't take crap from anyone. He hadn't really even seen her every talk to anyone besides the occasion chat with a random person.

"J buddy?" James's friend Spencer asked. James's head shot up in surprise and he rubbed his eyes.

"Sorry, I didn't get much sleep. What were you saying?" James asked, he hoped that Spencer hadn't noticed that he was staring at Emily. But he watched Spencer's eyes slide over to the girl who was still completely absorbed in her book.

"She's a weirdo, James." Spencer said still looking at Emily. James joined him in looking at her.

"How so? Have you ever said anymore then three words to her?" James asked, he didn't know why she fasinated him so much. She wasn't ugly but she wasn't breath takingly hott either. Though she was smart, really smart.

"That's just it J! She doesn't talk to anyone all she does is sit there and read her books." Spencer wrinkled his nose.

James gave him a puzzled look. "So she isn't that social, doesn't make her a freak." James said. He didn't know why he was standing up for a girl that he didn't even know. He watched her turn the page gently, she angled her face to read the page and James saw her full kissable lips being bitten as she read.

"That's what does make her a freak. We've known her for... five years? Yeah, five years and she has never said a word to us unless we say something to her. Even then she says as little as possible." Spencer pointed out. James shrugged his shoulders as Spencer continued, "I heard that Lillian Smith tried to talk to her and get her to hang out with them during lunch once. All that Emily did was look at her, glare and then go back to her book. Half the girls in this school would kill to sit with Lillian at lunch but all this girl does is glare at her. Now tell me that isn't weird."

Spencer sat back while James thought about what he had just heard. "But Lillian is also a bitch. You remember in ninth when Toby Owens felt her up, I swear he didn't come to school for a month after she was finished with him." The two boys winced at the memory. Lillian had kicked Toby so hard that rumor had it one of his testicles had to be removed.

Spencer recovered first. "That Emily chick is still a freak. So why were you checking her out?" He raised an eyebrow suggestively as James glanced back at Emily. He must have stared for too long because he watched Emily's eyes go wide before looking straight at him. Her honey colored eyes flashed with irritation before she stood and walked away to a different part of the lunch area.

"I wasn't checking her out. It's just that she's weird and I was wondering why she distances herself from everyone." James said, he watched Emily until she turned the corner.

Spencer chuckled to himself as the bell rung. "Who cares? Why are you spending time pondering over a social outcast when you have arguablely the hottest chick in school on your arm?" The two stood. James felt himself inwardly cringle at the mention of his girlfriend Samantha Jenkins. She was dropped dead, explode in your pants hott but she was dumber then a rock and annoying as hell.

Almost on cue James heard Samantha's voice shriek above the dull roar of the people around them. "James honey!" James flinched at the shrillness of her voice. If James had a choice between listening to her talk for an hour or only hearing nails on a chalkboard for a month, he'd pick the nails. Samantha jogged up to the two boys before glasping James's arm in a death grip. Samantha was wearing a very short pink skirt with yellow flowers that didn't leave much to imagination, a yellow tank top that matched the yellow flowers, and pink high heeled shoes that made James wonder how the hell she was able to run.

Samantha smiled at Spencer who gave her the once over and a nod. She wrapped her long, fake, pink nails around James's arm before starting to talk. "Oh. My. God. Yasmeen McCoy was dating Joseph Smith for two months right, well today Jessi Dillians told me that Joseph has been cheating with Yasmeen this whole time with Lillian Smith! Can you believe that!?" Samantha shrilled, James gritted his teeth in quiet agony.

James tuned Samantha out and surprisingly his mind wandered to Emily. He could see her perfectly in his mind's eye, her brown hair falling over her shoulders and her slim upper body being hugged by a black As I Lay Dying shirt. A small portion of her lower back showing where her pants don't start and her shirt ended. Army green high waters incasing her slender legs with a dark moon anklet and black flip flops completing the outfit. Emily's sense of style was different from Samantha's. For one James had never seen Emily wear anything remotely pink while Samantha had to wear something pink or she'd shrivel up and die. Second Emily's clothes looked comfortable, they showed as little skin as possible without looking frumpy. Samantha on the other hand wore as little clothes as possible and looked slutty.

James was still dreaming about Emily when Samantha pulled him out of his thoughts. "Are you even listening to me!?" She shrieked, James blinked out of his daze.

"Huh? What? Of course baby." James flashed her a dazzilying smile. Samantha smiled back before continuing to talk, James faded back into La La Land almost instantly. James remembered suddenly that Emily was in his next class, actually she even sat at his table too. He smiled slowly, Samantha saw his smile.

"What?" Samantha smiled at him thinking that she had done something cute that made him happy. James realized that he was smiling about Emily and then wiped the grin off his face faster then you could say banana.

"Oh nothing. Just thinking about my next class." James answered truthfully. He watched Samantha's face crumble into a confused look that was actually the look she had most of the time.

"Oh, fine then." She answered sullenly. Samantha stomped off ahead of them while Spencer raised an eyebrow.

"What was that about man?" Spencer asked. James raised an eyebrow confused.

"What?" James asked, he really had no idea what he did.

Spencer looked floored. "Dude you just told your girlfriend that you were looking forward to a class that you constantly say that you hate. How is that not weird?" James only answered with a shrug, Spencer shook his head and turned into his classroom.

James continued down the hallway until he came to his own classroom. Scanning the room he saw that Emily was already there still engrossed her book. He walked over casually to her and set down his things loudly. She jerked her head up surprised, but soon that faded into her usual annoyed expression. Emily looked back down at her book without saying a word.

"Hello Emily." James said on impulse. He bit his tongue wondering why he just decided to start talking to someone like her. Emily waved her hand without saying anything, James could see her brow furrow with irritation. After a few seconds of silence James tried again. "The polite thing to do would be to say hello back." Emily made an exasperated noise and looked up from her book very pissed off.

"Hello James." Emily said angry, she looked back down at her book and turned a page. James raised an eyebrow and felt the sudden urge to try to continue talking to her.

"How is your day today?" He asked. His pulse sped up in anticipation. James really didn't know how she would react, he had never tried to talk to her before.

"Peachy." Emily answered flatly, she didn't even look up when she answered.

James decided to ignore the sarcasm in her voice, he pushed onwards. "Yeah mine's been alright. You know, annoying teachers and boring classes. But it's been good." Emily gave him a thumbs up before looking at the opposite page, she really wasn't going to give him the time of day James realized. "So, Emily do you have a boyfriend?"

Emily gave an irritated hiss of air before looking at him with very angry eyes. "Why do you care James?" He smirked at his handy work, James had managed to get Emily Horsen to talk to him. She raised an eyebrow at his smirk.

"I was just wondering. I mean we have known each other for five years. Why wouldn't I care?" James sent her a smile that he knew made girls swoon. He watched in dismay as she gave him a look that said he was a moron.

"For five years you've never even taken notice of me. Why would you care all of a sudden? Finally realize that the world doesn't revolve around you?" Emily growled before looking down at her book as if she hadn't just deeply insulted him.

"Ouch," James said putting a hand on his chest in a mocking hurt. "My dear Emily I do believe that you have some spice to you."

Emily slammed her book down on the table hard, James knew that he had royally pissed her off. "What is your damage today, James? Can you not see the book in my hands or do you not know what a book is?" She snarled at him. James was actually quite surprised that she had reacted so violently.

"Simmer down there Emmy babe. I was just trying to make conversation." James put up his hands to show that he was unarmed. Emily brought back up her book which he took to be a good sign that she wasn't going to rip his head off his shoulders and eat it.

"Don't call me Emmy or babe." She growled before starting to read again.

James allowed a few seconds to go by before he touched her book lightly to look at the cover. "Whatca reading, babe?"

"Jesus Christ on a stick! Do you ever give up?" Emily asked finally losing what little patience she had.

"Not when I want something." James said coyly giving her a wink. He expected her to giggle or blush but all he recieved was a head shake.

"And what do you want James Watts?" Emily closed her book and looked at him fully in the eyes. He was stunned by her eye color, he had always known that they were beautiful but he never realized how beautiful.

James smiled seductively, "To talk to you, babe." Emily raised an eyebrow, James laughed inwardly thinking that he had finally won her over.

"Don't call me babe." Emily said before opening her book again. James stared in horror as she just brushed him off like that. Anger suddenly took him, he could have any girl in that room and this social outcast had the nerve to brush him off like he was nothing! The bell rang for the start of class and James was still fuming.

"We're doing a partner activity today. So you'll be paired with your table partners obviously." The teacher Mr. Gobel said. He was a tiny asian man that thought that everyone loved math as much as he did. He was so terribly wrong.

James watched Emily fold over the corner of her page before gently putting into her backpack. "You know that the pages are more likely to tear that way." James mumbled, he surprised himself at the comment. How the hell did he know that? He couldn't remember the last book that he had read for the hell of it.

Emily looked at him with a much nicer look. "It's alright, if you're gentle with them then they'll last just fine." James was rewarded with a smile. He almost fell over backwards at the way her face lit up when she smiled, James realized that Emily truely was lovely even if no one noticed.

"She does smile!" James gasped mocking her again. Emily scowled at him as if her smile had never been there.

"Shut up." Emily said flatly listening to Mr. Gobel's instruction. The project was that they had to use blocks to show equations that Mr. Gobel put on the board. The two worked smoothly except for a few moments that they disagreed which usually turned pretty ugly until Mr. Gobel had to come show them the right answer.

The bell chimed for class to end, James smiled at Emily and she gave him a confused frown. "What?" She asked soundly slightly annoyed. James thought that this situation seemed very similar to the situation with Samantha at the beginning of the period.

"Oh nothing. I just never really realized how fasinating you were before." James answered, Emily raised an eyebrow but didn't get the chance to respond because James stood and walked towards the door. "I'll call you some time." He said over his shoulder as he walked out. He saw Emily give him a completely surprised look when he left the room.

Am I really going to call her? James asked himself, perhaps. Samantha attached herself to James the second that she saw him again and then his mind was made up. He would definately be calling Emily.