James was lying on his bed, his heart had been broken and nothing was going to fix it. Nothing except for her, Emily. He felt a fresh tear roll down his cheek. James's face was already salty from them, what was one more?

Someone knocked on his door, "Go away." He yelled, his face buried in his pillow.

"There is someone here for you." His mother's voice said.

James's heart gave a leap, maybe it was Emily coming to say how wrong she was. James jumped off his bed but his sheets were tangled around his ankles causing him to fall on his face. James kicked his way out and ripped open the door. What he saw did not make him happy.

Samantha stood smiling sweetly at him. "James, how are you?"

James narrowed his eyes. "You," He said coldly. He felt rage fill his body, spreading fron his chest to his arms and then to his legs. "This is your doing isn't it? You told Spencer to tell Emily all those horrible things." He felt about ready to hit her, instead he roughly grabbed her shoulders.

"I don't know what you're talking about James." Samantha frowned slightly startled. "Spencer didn't tell me anything, god I don't think I've never been this out of gossip in my life." Samantha put a hand on her hip and glared out his window. James let go of her shoulders. "I don't know what Spencer is playing at any more then you do." Her eyes slide back to James.

"So... You didn't tell Spencer to tell Emily that I was only using her?" James asked uncertain.

"No, stupid. I wanted to hurt her, not you." Samantha looked at him like he was a flaming idiot. And James felt like a flaming idiot. "But who cares?" Samantha wrapped her arms around James's neck. "We're together again and that's all that matters." She raised her mouth to James's and kissed him. James was uncertain what to do so he kissed her back. Depression crawled at his chest. Emily had nearly killed him, James decided to get back at her by dating Samantha like nothing ever happened between them, he'd make Emily pay for hurting him.

James wrapped his arms around Samantha's waist and lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around his waist and he carried her to his bed. Then James did what most guys would do when they have a beautiful girl begging them and their heart is broken. James and Samantha proceeded to have sex.

A week passed and Emily hadn't been to school until Thursday, her brown hair was pulled into a sloppy ponytail and she looked like she hadn't been sleeping well.

James felt the urge to go over and talk to her but Samantha popped out of nowhere.

"James honey!" Samantha shrieked. James saw Emily glance over, sadness plain on her tired face before she looked away and back to her book. James felt his heart ache for Emily but he turn away from her to Samantha.

James noticed that Emily avoid people more then usual now, reading her books even more if that was possible. He never saw her speak or look at anyone unless that person was a teacher or Paul.

Several times over the week Paul would look over to James and glare at him. Finally James couldn't take it anymore, "What Paul!?" He yelled suddenly as Paul glared at him again. Several people turned to look at them, forgotten basketballs rolled across the wooden gym floor.

"What James?" Paul growled quietly.

"You've been glaring at me all week, enough already!" James shouted again.

"Oh I'm sorry but you're the one who sent my sister home bawling her eyes out. You didn't have to sit with her as she cried over you!" Paul yelled, anger flashing behind his wire framed glasses. "Do you even realize how much you hurt her? Do you even care!?"

"She dumped me, I didn't do anything to her." James growled, he didn't want to stand in the middle of a crowded gym yelling at Emily's geeky twin brother.

"She had good reason to dump you, you asshole!" Paul yelled. James wondered if that was the first time Paul had ever swore because he seemed to hesitate when he said it.

"No, she didn't. Spencer lied to her and then she wouldn't even listen to the only other person who knew the truth." James said quietly, he felt suddenly very tired.

"Spencer was the best thing that happened to her." James saw a spark of something but just as it appeared it vanished. "She's actually happy now that Spencer's her boyfriend instead of you." Paul snarled.

"What!?" James was shocked. His beautiful Emily was dating Spencer Harrison!? "That rat bastard." James whispered clenching his fists tight.

Paul suddenly looked frightened, his voice came out as a quiver. "Yeah, Spencer asked her out yesterday and she said yes." Paul's braver side started to win over his timid side. "I thought that you really liked Emily, but instead you just wanted her for sex and 40 bucks." Paul's voice sounded disappointed, and James couldn't help but look down in shame even though that wasn't the reason he started hanging out with Emily.

"I never wanted to use her for sex or 40 dollars." James answered quietly.

Paul gave an exasperated noise. "Give it up already, James! We all know, just leave Emily alone." James looked at the smaller boy.

"I never wanted to use her for sex." James repeated miserable, "How can I make you understand? How can I make her understand?" Then a thought struck him, number 35. "I have proof!"

Paul laughed and James wondered what he was laughing at. "You don't have to prove anything to me, you have to prove everything to Emily. Now there's a thought." James smirked at the familiar sarcasm, it was so similar to Emily's. "She has art right now but I didn't tell you." Paul turned and walked away. James smiled, his long legs carrying him away from the calling voice of his gym teacher towards the office.

Several minutes later James was running towards the Art building with number 35 dragging behind him, then he realized he didn't know which room was her's. James ran checking each and every window until he saw a familiar back. Emily was standing with her hand on her hip looking at a painting.

James glanced at the painting, it was a painting of him. He noticed the frightening resemblence between Emily's painting and his actual reflection. James was sitting on a bench, his arm casually thrown over the back of it, grinning over his shoulder. There were people walking behind him but he was just grinning at a certain girl. The girl was reading a book, slender legs crossed at the ankles. Emily was smiling at him while James smirked back, if only they could go back to that James thought miserably.

"I will not be scared, I will not be scared, I will not be scared!" James whispered to himself, Number 35 looked scared. His heart was beating hard in his ears, "I am so scared..." hHe sucked in a breath of air preparing himself. and pushed to door open, most of the other artists glanced over at him but Emily still stood looking at her painting.

"Umm...Watts, how does this have to do with football?" Number 35 asked weakly.

James jerked Number 35's collar down taking his narrow shoulders with him. "Shut up, repeat everything that Spencer and I said about the bet when I tell you to." He pushed to door open, most of the other artists glanced over at him but Emily still stood looking at her painting.

"Emily..." James began but Emily waved him quiet. She didn't turn to look at him.

"There is something missing here, perhaps a slut on your arm." Emily growled angry. "Oh wait no. I was the slut, wasn't I." She turned and looked at him. Her anger burning all of his confidence. "What do you want James?"

"I... I wanted to tell you that you were wrong." James said uncertainly.

"I certainly was wrong to ever trust you." Emily growled, her hostility was beginning to piss James off.

"Now listen Emily. I would never do that to you, ever. I can't believe that you believed Spencer over me! God, I thought you were smart, but I guess not." James growled. Perhaps that was a little harsh, but she need to hear it James thought.

Emily stared at him in shock, "You just called me stupid..." She said slowly. Now James felt stupid. Way to win her back buddy, James thought. "What the hell is wrong with you!?" Emily yelled, she grabbed a brush and threw it at him. James ducked and the brush bounced off the wall behind him. Several of the other people in the room took a worried step backwards but didn't leave. They wanted to know what was happening, not get hit by stray brushes. Number 35 also took a step back, and didn't leave the room, this was so much more interesting then class.

"Oi!" James yelled, "What's wrong with me!? What's wrong with you!?" He responded by throwing a different brush at her.

She looked shocked but anger took over again. "There is nothing wrong with me! I liked you and you used me!" Emily yelled, she picked up a fat tube of paint and threw it. The tube wasn't opened but James still ducked, it would hurt to be hit with.

"I never used you!" James screamed, he picked up a plastic cup that had red paint in it and threw it at Emily. Paint splatter down the front of her and a tiny bit got onto her face. "Oh shit..." James whispered.

"You asshole!" Emily yelled, she grabbed a container of blue paint and dumped it down his shirt. The cool painted slide down his face and down the front of his pants.

"Jesus that's cold!" James yelled trying to scoop it out of his pants.

"Good!" Emily screamed back. She watched James pick up green paint this time and dump it over her head the way she dumped it on him. "Holy shit!" The paint really was cold.

"Ha, now you know how it feels!" James laughed. Emily jumped on him, he tried to stay upright but the paint was slick on the floor causing them both to fall to the floor.

"You suck and I hate you!" Emily shrieked in James's face. She tiny hands went instantly to slap his face but he caught them both in one hand. She struggled against him, "Let go of me, you asshole!"

James used her struggling momentuem to flip them both so that he was on top. He pinned Emily's lower body with his and held her hands above her head. Emily wriggled against him, unable to move or do anything. James lowered his face to Emily's, lips hovering just above hers.

Emily waited, and waited, and waited. Finally only three seconds after James had dipped his face to meet hers she yelled. "Goddamn it kiss me already!" But she didn't wait for him, she slammed her face into his. Their kiss was full of furious movement, tongues swirling around each other at a feverous pace.

"I," Emily began but James's mouth stopped her. "Hate," Another kiss. "You," She finished finally.

James lifted up his face just enough so that Emily couldn't kiss him. Emily tried to lift her face to get to his but James still pulled away. He smirked at her, "Shut up." And James made contact with Emily once again.

The bell rang and James pulled away again. "I don't forgive you, you know." Emily said angrily. James sat up and she did the same, both sitting indian style.

James nodded, "I know. But then again there are always those big tubs of paint we can dump on each other." James pointed to the huge tubs of paint, Emily laughed.

"We'll save those for our next fight." Emily said standing, she pulled James to his feet with her. James wrapped his arm around Emily's shoulder and Emily put her arm around his waist.

"What about Spencer?" James asked.

Emily looked at him confused, "What about Spencer?" She had no idea what he was talking about.

"Well obviously we're getting back together, so where does that leave Spencer? He is your boyfriend right?" James asked, Emily turned and looked at him, her face covered in paint.

"Spencer isn't my boyfriend..." Emily said slowly, "Who told you that?" She wrapped her arm back around James's waist.

"Paul told me..." Then it dawned on James. "Paul lied to me!" Emily laughed.

"He's pretty good isn't he?" Emily said, laughing.

James hugged Emily. "That little turd, I'll have to thank him later..." They both laughed. "You need a shower." James said after chuckling a little bit.

"So do you!" Emily yelled. They were both very covered in paint thanks to them.

"Let's go back to your house so that you can wash up, then I will." James said knowing that Emily's house was atleast in walking distance. They were so not getting into his car covered in paint.

"And what if I don't want to go first?" Emily said, teasing plain in her voice.

"Well one of us has to go first." James said, an idea growing in his brain.

"Or together." Emily said coyly, James smirked down at her while she smirked up. She glanced over at Number 35 and frowned, "Who's this?"

James laughed as Number 35 shifted uncomfortably, "That's my proof that I wasn't lying."


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