Attention: If you don't like to see the Christian religion skewed then don't read this story. It will offend your sensibilities. This story has been complete for over a year and a half and I'm still getting emails from people telling me that I referenced the Bible incorrectly or that they found offense with this story's views on God. I know that my version of the creation story and the fall of Lucifer differentiates from that in the Bible, I did that on purpose. And yes, this story's version of God is a whiny, stubborn, unforgiving jerk, I did that on purpose to. Please keep in mind that this is a fiction story and was created solely for entertainment, not for deep thought.

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Summary: Angels are not allowed to fall in love. When two do, God banishes them to Earth, leaving them to never find each other no matter how hard they searched. But what happens when they stop searching?

Chapter One

Angels are not allowed to fall in love. This is the second rule of heaven. The first is that God's word is law. Angels are warriors and love weakens a warrior. God's warriors pledged themselves to God and God alone. Such as it has been since the first angels were created and such as it was obeyed.

Until the rebellion.

When two of the Archangels, the four commanding generals that were below only God Himself, fell in love, God forbade it and demanded they stop disobeying his law immediately. The two refused and instead commanded their armies to remove God from his power. After all, a God that forbade true love as they had was not a deserving God in their eyes.

But the two armies stood no chance against God's infinite power and were brought to their knees. However, a true warrior always follows its commanding officers and the armies were not cast from heaven for being who God wanted them to be.

The two Archangels were the ones that took the punishment.

God punished his previously most skilled commander by forever dooming the Archangel to Earth with the humans and letting the story of the commander's rebellion live on to be twisted into something of the utmost evil. He banished the Archangel and eventually, the angel became so consumed with hate for the punishment that the commander became the very thing the stories spoke of.

Then God turned to his most loved commander and punished the angel by completely erasing His love of the Archangel from every book, every story, every memory but the two. This angel no longer existed except in a body that could not die, a head full of haunting memories, and a heart that loved but was not loved back.

But God had not yet made their punishment complete. For breaking the second rule of heaven God commissioned Fate to make sure that the two would search but never find each other again.

And the two did search. They searched with all their heart, using every power they had to try and find the other.

Somehow Fate had kept them apart since that fateful day so long ago that Time himself hadn't come to existence yet. Somehow Fate had made sure that even when humanity was at its lowest, they never crossed paths. Somehow Fate had made them invisible to each other, leaving them to search for someone that was right in front of them.

Fate had done her job quite well for a very long time. But one must always remember one thing when dealing with Lady Fate.

She's a fickle bitch.


Satan sipped his cup of coffee slowly. If there was one thing he knew, it was how to savor. Be it a cry for help, a homicidal blood bath, or a cup of coffee, Satan knew how to draw out the moment to take every last morsel of pleasure.

Satan took out a pad of paper and a pen. On the paper was a T-chart with one plus and one minus column. He set the paper and pen down in front of him and took another long sip of coffee. He glanced at his watch; his entertainment should be coming in right about…


Three masked men pushed through the front door of the coffee shop, all waving handguns and shouting. Everyone in the shop screamed and dropped to the floor when one of the gunman, the leader no doubt, shot the customer at the counter.

Satan clucked his tongue and put a tick under the minus column. Their entrance was ordinary and a being his age didn't like ordinary. He placed another tick under the minus column for their choice of weapon, no imagination in a handgun, especially the glocks they were using. One tick on the plus side for the killing. It showed a certain ruthlessness that Satan could respect.

One of the robbers, a tall man with a barely noticeable limp, took station at the door while the other, all muscle and no brain, kept his gun trained on all of the people lying on the floor.

A tick in the plus column for obvious pre planning. He enjoyed a premeditated crime so much more than a spur of the moment one.

The leader pulled a black bag out of his jacket and handed it to the terrified employee. "It all goes in there, honey. And don't try nothing funny or I'll blow your brains out."

Two ticks on the minus side. Horrible grammar and overused threat.

The girl took the bag and started stuffing cash from the first register into the bag. Satan knew that there was a police issued tracer on a ten dollar bill just beside the cash holder in the other cash register. And he knew that the girl would develop a brave streak and put the tracer in the bag. He had made sure of it.

Sure enough, the girl managed to include the tracer in her last handful of cash. She put it in the bag then frighteningly handed the bag back to the leader.

The leader blew the girl a kiss, "Thank you, honey. Now put your hands and head on the counter and don't look up until after we've left."

The girl still had that brave streak, she glared at the leader, "God will punish you for this."

The leader shot her between the eyes.

Tick in the plus column for not standing for her bullshit.

The leader casually wiped the blood from his face with his shirt sleeve before smiling at the girl's dead body. "God can kiss my ass."

One positive tick for laid-back attitude and one positive tick for sticking it to The Hallowed One.

"We got company," the tall guy said right before half of his head was blown off.

A woman in a cream hoodie, tight washed out jeans, and a .44 Magnum in each hand jumped through the broken glass window and shot muscle guy in the chest before he even had his gun half way up.

Satan raised an eyebrow at the woman. This was a surprise. He had made sure the police were busy somewhere else but he hadn't counted on a vigilante. His gaze drifted down the woman's figure. Especially such a delectable vigilante. How interesting.

She had both of her guns aimed at the lead and only standing gunman. His gun was at his side and his mouth was open under the mask. Obviously he hadn't expected this either.

The woman had her hood up and her back to Satan but he could just imagine the smile on her face at having caught the man in the act. Vigilante's were like that.

Without any preamble she killed the leader with a single shot. The man's body dropped to the floor.

The woman tilted her head to the side and said, "Give the devil my love."

Satan froze.

The woman turned to leave, scanning the coffee shop for any other evil.

Her eyes met his.

Her grip went slack on her guns and her eyes widened.

"Ria," he breathed.

Fate had slipped up.


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