She turned her face up to the spray of water that tumbled down the cliff face. Three months, it had been three months since the attacks began. At first they were minor; the army itself could handle it. Two weeks after the mages got involved. A week after the mages joined, she had gotten involved.

And kyogetsu, she didn't want to think about kyogetsu.

They had lost an entire city due to a "Revenge Strike" from the enemy. She had tried to get them to evacuate, warned them that this monster's history with other lands would lead to this. They hadn't listened, and she couldn't make the frightened citizens flee. Staying for LAND! Stupidity. There was not a house that couldn't be rebuilt, a book re-written, a piece of land healed.

Now over three thousand citizens lay dead. She had walked the streets after taking nearly 4 weeks in driving back HIS troops with lightning and hail, with fire and brimstone and all without letting anyone else know she had done so. She had seen the children lying there butchered like sheep, no worse than that, butchered like some torturer's plaything.

Gold needed to pull all her people in, put them under the protection of the Palace and the capital. If the people were not out there, there were things she could do, open up huge chiasms, send sickness and poison through air and water. Things like that would decimate his troops.

Things she had been doing the last month behind everyone's backs. Hailstones the size of a child's head could do incredible damage. And she made SURE that anyone she used them on didn't report back. Killing everyone on the opposing side, regardless of age or ability.

She was looking forward to getting back to the palace once she was finished washing and making herself a warm glass of shokora and gyuunyuu. It would sooth her frazzled nerves and gives her a boost of energy she would badly need. She hated to admit it to herself, but it was time to stop playing nice. The enemy wouldn't stop coming. It was time that Gold and the council admitted that. He HAD to be stopped, he HAD to be.

Sweetwater was where he would attack next, she was sure of it. She had already gotten everyone out of the town. Hailstorms and ruining the crop had convinced them they needed to leave. But if the Enemy wanted to get through the mountains at speed, it was through Sweetwater he HAD to come. The Makaze had come, and she could NOT allow the Jaki any more ground.

With yougan, hyou, oojishin, raiden, and maryoku she intended to take the fight to the Jaki who stalked the land. This namagoroshi thing that came from somewhere not Nivia. She could track him somewhat. The very world seemed to tremble at his walking, to reject him as something it would gladly hurt itself to get rid of.

She reached out to touch the makai and the reikai knowing she would need the help of any of the seirei she can touch. She was outclassed, she was afraid, and she KNEW she was out-gunned. After three months her soul was already bleeding. So many lives wasted. So many people gone forever.

The youkai they faced didn't seem to show any mercy or compassion for any who did not serve him. She had KNOWN that he had sprung some of her traps, because she had come to learn his power signature. He could survive what the men could not. She had dropped him into chiasms, sent burning lava over the land, dropped hailstones the size of a man's head on him, she had even set an entire grassy valley ablaze and all he did was come back for more. She had killed so many of those she had sworn to protect, and he wouldn't stop coming.

She was the most powerful Nishou her people had EVER known, and this, this, this Akuma wouldn't stop coming. What sort of oni was he, some sort of avenging mononoke, maybe some sort of kami of war?

The woman could only shake her head. She didn't know what to think. All she knew was that she was exhausted, worn out. She would not be able to last much longer, even her kioi and ikioi were fading. She would not be able to withstand much more. He had to be stopped an soon, or all of Kamira and Westron would fall.

Where he couldn't out-power her, he would out think her, where he couldn't out think her, he would throw troops at her till she couldn't take it anymore. She was SO tired now, so very tired. Where did this Akuma get the power, the strength? She had NEVER tried to outwit anyone like him. He wouldn't stop, couldn't stop coming. And she wasn't sure she could hold him back.