I just want to say that Johnny the Homicidal Maniac is Jhonen Vasquez's

I didn't even know that he made a comic called that. I looked it up wikipedia. Anyways that's where the came from. Strangely I'm confused on how that name popped up in my head. Anyways I hope you enjoy this story.

It was late in the evening I just got off work and was tired. I wait tables at a restaurant called Kinks. Yeah I know what you're thinking. I work at one of those restaurants where you have to look pretty and where the short skirts. The men ogle at you with their eyes as you bend over and get them a drink and showing of your assets. You flirt a little and get some guys to fall in love with you.

That's Friday night

I entered my small little shit apartment and sat on my little arm chair that faced the computer at was right by the fire escape. I logged on my email and checked some mail.

Oh Jesus! It's Mickey…again.

Mickey is my boyfriend he was to blah. When I kissed him he tasted like nothing. I know that sounds crazy but that's it. When I kiss any guy he always tasted plain. They maybe incredibly hot and all but they're so safe and plain. I don't want to date a psychopath but…its to hard to explain.

Nadia, how come when i call u neva dere? Wat the hell did I do? I thought we had something, I really did but unless you pick up the phone or answers my emails we are over!

I did feel kind of bad. I did like Mickey but not like that. He just wasn't my type. I keep leading him and countless other men (well not really not a whore) but I just love the chase. The only person I really love is and always will be James. When I kissed him he tasted… its to weird to explain Anyways I decide not to reply. I was too scared on what he would say. Or how I would react.

I turned off the computer and went to my bedroom which was right across the computer.

I went in my room and went under the covers. The TV was on a chair and it wasn't really big but I got free cable. By free I mean stolen. I took the remote which was on my night stand and put it on my favorite show Pimp My Ride. I wish someone would makeover my car.

You don't have a car stupid

I don't. You think I make money of off tips and my salary but I have to pay the bills and I live with my dad and he can't work. I also live with my lazy brother Peter. He can never get a job. I know he's seventeen but he can get a part-time job. He better be doing good at school but guess what? Surprise! He's so stupid.! I know he's smart and all but when he goes to school he gets bad grades and gets in one to many fights.

Anyways it was another Friday night alone. I could spend time with Mickey but that would be another torturous five minutes. On my nightstand was my house phone.

Call James or not?

I stared at the phone for ten minutes but it felt longer. Should I call him? It's been two years. I should be over him.

I picked up the phone and quickly dialed James cell. I heard three rings before I heard the most horrible thing ever.

"Hello?," It was the voice of a woman.

I kept silent scared. I felt like a hiding but I couldn't.

"Hello," the voice said irritated.

" Ca...can I speak to James please."

"Who's this?" the voice said angrily.

James new chick must be a jealous and impatient lady.

"HELLO!" the voice said forcefully. " Who the fuck is this?"

"One of James's old friends," I said playing with phone line.

She sighed angrily and I heard a familiarly voice that made me always feel safe.

" Hello," James said.

Then I panicked. I hung up.

Then I remembered why I couldn't hide, cell phones have caller id. Please don't call.



I checked the caller id and it was James number.


Luckily when you call me all it does it ask for you to leave a message.

Plus I have caller id.

I never gave him my new apartment number.

Relieved I changed the channel and decided not to watch the rerun. I turned to the news.

TV: For the fifth time this month the serial killer 'Johnny' tortured another victim a 16-year-old boy from Green Lake, New Jersey. Police say Johnny cut, and caused internal damage to the young boy before he ended the young man's life tragically by decapitating his head with an axe and leaving the body at the boy's house. He left his calling card: his name written blood Johnny on the boys chest


I turned off the TV and took a shower then went to bed.