"Wait here," he said pointing his index finger at me.

Does it look like I can move caca?!?!

"Oh yeah," he chuckled to himself. He got out of the car and took the keys out. He went to the other side of the car and slid the door open. He slung the Countryman over his shoulder. He walked up to the door and a butler took the dead body away from Maniac.

So I guess this happens everyday.

He came back to the car and opened the passenger door. He snaked his arm around my waist and pulled me out of the car. He slung me over his shoulder. I had a rag to gag me which was good because I was liking this. I was going to drool any second now. He was so strong. But at the same time I had to take caution because I didn't want to anger him.

We walked up to the huge mahogany brown double doors. He knocked on the door and the butler opened it and seemed to dispose of the Countryman. The butler looked old. He had a leathery brown face. He was tall maybe 6'5 or 6'6. He only looks two inches taller than Maniac. He had a large mustache grayish with hints of red. He was bald and his head was really shiny. He looked at me surprised then back at Maniac.

" This one is still kicking," Butler stated.

"I know Mike, give her a shower then put her to sleep," Maniac laughed.

"I'm not a dog! Don't kill me!," I muffled. I started panicking and trying to escape which was no use because I was tied up and gagged . Maniac held me tightly as I was bashing around like an idiot.

" I promised I wouldn't kill you now calm down!," he yelled as he tried to get me under control.

" Feisty isn't she," the Butler said as he grabbed me from Maniac.

This guy must be uptight. Someone may say the funniest thing in the world and he won't crack a smile.

We entered the house and I could tell this guy was loaded. Everything was so clean. There was marble all over the floor! One the wall were pictures of other Maniac-look alikes . They could be his family. In those pictures I saw really young Maniac with braces and a pizza face. But he still looked adorable.

We walked straight forever! This house is way to big. Then we reached an elevator. Mike pressed up and we were inside. He pressed three then we were on the third floor. They were several doors on both side of the halls. We went to the one right next to the elevator.

It was bathroom if you could call it that. They're was a huge Jacuzzi. The water looked bubbly and it was made of marble. They're was balcony and you can see the beach. They were his/her sinks and really to tell you the truth I love to take a bath but I was bound and gagged. Mike set me down and untied me.

" I suggest that you don't move," he stated. He went under the sink and pulled out a bar of pink soap and a pink bottle of body wash. He set in next to tub. Next to the tub also was a towel rack with a pink towel and some red ones.


"Tell me when you're done okay," he said. He left and I was left there. I went to the balcony and tried to open it.

It's not use anyway unless you want get hunted down and killed.

I looked around figuring out I'm not going to be able escape.

Might as well shower.

I disrobed and at that moment Maniac walked in.

" AHHHH!!!!" That was me who screamed.

I grabbed my shirt which was on the floor tried to cover myself. All Maniac did was smirk to himself.

" I just wanted to make sure you didn't escape," he said leaning on the door.

" Hello! I'm naked!," I pointed out

" Yeah I know," he said. " But I'm going to watch you."

I looked at him like he was well…a maniac.

" Well, take a shower." He was still looking at me waiting for me continue. " Go right now or else I'll force you. But I'm pretty sure you'll like it."

" Fine." I went in the tub and of course at first I felt uncomfortable but his tub was great. I really took the tension that was in my back. After I was done I grabbed the pink shampoo and washed my hair.

What's up with him and pink?

Afterwards I grabbed a guess what pink towel from the towel rack that was next to the tub and wrapped it around after I got out.

He was still staring at me and I got this weird feeling something bad was going to happen.

" Wait here, okay," he said leaving the bathroom.

I looked around the bathroom which had the whitest walls I've ever seen. As I waited for Maniac I saw a picture of a woman. She had green eyes, dark tan skin and long black hair. She had a smile between her red lips. She looked familiar.


It can't be me.

I of course freaking out observed the picture more closely.

She just looks like me. It's not me. I never had my hair that long. It probably reaches near her butt Plus her nose is to big and she's to light.

Then it smacked me right in the face.

Good. You remind me of someone. You are going to come with me right now. We're going to my car okay?

Holy shit! I'm his dead girlfriend!