Acronyms (I believe that's the right word, but I'm too lazy too look up the definition) on my siblings and I. Look carefully, and you'll find the one about me. It's the only one in first person (I think) and you'll also discover my siblings and my names.

Even the smallest of clouds

Surrounding you, shimmers

The softness of silver

Higher than silence

Everest towers, snow-white

Renewed in the power you bring

Sitting high, you smile

Always kind, watching

Making chances to help

Under all, yet higher than us

Ever above yet under

Love is, itself, a contradiction

Envision is but part of the secret

Learning to control yourself, your

Inner self, is more important

Silence cloaks me in its veil

Around me silver flashes. I cannot

Begin to understand the glory

Even in it- I am struck dumb

Thinking of a silence even greater

Hiding the inner soul of thoughts

Knotting your web of love,

Above us, guiding us

Through, with infinite care

Hiding your own doubts and fears

Even death will not shake you

Riding your horse, you will welcome

It joyously, as you have done always

Never a flicker of fear on your face

Even the cruelty of evil is changed with you

Marring joy is tears, but you wipe them away,

Above the silence, higher than me, with you

Resting in your pureness. We love you, but

Your quietness hides your true self, your beauty.

Making a way, forging a path

Acting for all, kind and tall

Towering above us all

Treating everyone kindly and well

High and mighty yet gentle

Even the lowest is treated with care-

Would that there were more like you!